Saturday, July 13, 2019

For a limited time only...

I stumbled upon a new marketing scheme the other day.

There's a website called Tunespeak. It's where well known musicians or musical brands can go and have fans gain points (chances) to win an ultimate prize after two to three days.

The more you play the various games, the more chances you gain.

For example, sync your Spotify account to this (free) Tunespeak account and listen to the artist's uploaded music? Gain up to 1,560 points a day. Watch a few videos up to 9 times? Gain up to another 1,200 points a day. Vote in a survey? +100 points. Depending on the "campaign", you get specific points.

So what am I (currently) vying for?

I'm sure if I looked on Amazon, I could just buy the items I'm looking to win, but the "thrill of the entry" might be worth it if I got the item?

I searched "paul mccartney egypt station". Amazon is listing the album for various prices, ranging from $7.10 to over $50 depending on what is involved in the packaging. 

The Echo Show (2nd Gen) is listed for $229.99, and anyone can purchase gift cards

So... right now, the things I'm looking into winning, have a potential of costing me $1,0006... give or take a few additions. You have to ask yourself what becomes easier... a chance to win and be let down that you didn't get it, or shelling out over a grand in cash prizes because you didn't want to risk not getting it? I'd honestly like to take my chance to win the things... you never know unless you try. It's like my buddy used to say about scratch off tickets: you can't win if you don't try. 

Therefore, I'm trying! 

Good luck to those who play...