Tuesday, October 30, 2018

(Boston) History books will need to be reweritten

In "Celebrity News" today (aka I'm just reading this at 4:45pm), Whitey Bulger is dead.

The famed mobster from Southie, has been found dead in a West Virginia jail this morning. A bit of conflicted irony to me because I just mentioned reading Black Mass in a previous post.

I'm conflicted because my friend's first response was "shit happens, huh?" and I'm starting to think "yeah, but..." and the rest of it being "it's a part of my history - growing up in and around Boston". I remember hearing about the Bulger Brothers and knowing a lot of the places Whitey ran through, when I was older. I've family, friends and experiences around Massachusetts and New Hampshire. People talk - for good and bad. Massholes have opinions and some stick like glue.

The whole Whitey thing is amazing when you think about it.

I'm not condoning any of the mob lifestyle, but having worked with some off shoots of "famiglia", I understand it. Gang lifestyle is hard as well, and I knew people involved in things that were shady "AF". I never partook in the debauchery.

Whitey knew what he was doing from a young age; street smart where his brother Billy was book smart, he played his cards wisely enough that he moved up in mob ranks rather quickly. From what I've been reading now, both brothers paralleled each other in a way, for how they rose to power in the state government and the underworld mob. Whitey became a mob kingpin and was able to outsmart a lot of people, including the Massachusetts police force, all the way to the FBI.

It's crazy times, he led. I suggest researching the history if you're unfamiliar with all of this.

All things considered, I just don't know really what to say. (Local) (Boston) History is changing right now and I'm sure all the stations are scrambling to cover the story. I bet there will be another movie made within the next 5 years about all of this. Almost "Black Mass part two" - updated for the new millennium. I don't know a lot; I admit it. I also don't pretend that my opinions matter more than anyone else's. I add a story line or two to the ongoing thread of the world, and hope someone else can see whatever point I'm trying to make. For all of this wildly weird violence going on today in the world, I hope that it pans out and people get closure. We all know what they say about karma. Maybe this is it for Jimmy Bulger?

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