Sunday, September 17, 2017

The beginning stages of chaos

Only the man with the devil's haircut, singing about having two turntables and a microphone, can turn a David Bowie song into a "beyond creepy" fiasco.

I happened to YouTube Sound & Vision because it popped in my head. One of the first videos on the feed was "Beck Reimagines David Bowie's 'Sound and Vision'" and was uploaded by a user named "daniel jimenez martinez". I don't know where this user got the video from, so I can't tell you anything besides the video has 461,418 views and 296  (seems to be mostly positive) comments. It also hits the run time of 9 minutes and 30 seconds. Which is typically normal for a Bowie song of yore.

The "re imagining" isn't completely horrible once you get into it (round the 3:05 mark). It's just that beginning part that sounds like Beck is trying to pull teeth during some Gregorian Chant festival masquerading as the second coming to the Omen soundtrack. I have nothing against the guy who stated he was a loser baby, and asked why don't you kill me. But the yodeling around 5:30 kills the buzz the same way the chanting and thumping drums did for the beginning of the adventure.

I know everyone is entitled to their opinion and remake of songs, so I give Beck a hell of a lot of credit, but that first three minutes seriously made me want to turn my tablet off and go away. It got me wondering who really allowed this to happen and why (I question the Lincoln car people that put their stamp on the head and tail of the video for instance. Did they want Beck to do it?). The garage band noise somehow smoothly mashed into a nice rendition of the song, but truly, that noise was all thump and no cohesion. I feel like they spent 3 minutes trying to warm up the choir and orchestra and once they got the kinks out, the song fares very well. I do like it; it's that beginning part that makes me disgusted. There's no way to really explain the why and how I feel... it's respectable Beck did the song to the extent he did it. It just feels unpracticed in places, and I'm sure Beck isn't one of those "we never practice; we just do it" people. He's been around too long at this point in time to really have a screw up.

I can't make excuses for this. I just wanted to post something I stumbled upon and wanted to share, good or bad. Hopefully the people that read this blog and see the video have other things to say...


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