Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tag! You're it

or, "How many people does it take to tag a Harrods sign?"

As promised, I'm uploading some new edited pictures. This time, it's a Harrods sign that various people graffiti'd. I took the original picture during my trip into London on 27 June, 2009. My friend and I were walking around and made our way to the store. We sat outside, watching the people, for at least an hour. So I figured, I'd take whatever pictures I could around the block, and came out with the tagged one.

Having sent some pictures to someone this morning, I found the pole picture and decided to tweak it.

The original:

The edits:



Thursday, October 27, 2011

Edited for approval

Actually, edited for boredom.

I got bored the other day, and started editing a picture I took whilst on my trip to England, in June 2009. I found it extremely funny how there was so many phone booths around, whilst traveling by foot, and especially, how randomly places they were.

My friend and I were walking to the train station, and although it wasn't that busy a street, it was still a main drag. So, in the middle of the road (so to speak), there was this:

No editing, straight shooting. Canon EOS Rebel G SLR. 35mm film.

Next pictures are the edits (I actually like them):


I'm sure I'll be posting more pictures and edits at some point...


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pay up!

Here's the deal: I've decided to try out Google's AdSense. I keep seeing the name pop up in various places, and see the Monetize tab in my Blogger screen, and now I'm curious as to how it goes down. I am currently waiting approval for full use, but I figure, why not? People keep coming here and linking me on other sites, why not ad some advertisements to this place? Lively it up? Yes, I know I contradict myself because I post links and videos here, and ask people don't link me to places, but... I at least explain in the post why its relevant. I'm finding my page on so many different sites, that sometimes, it's not even relevant (I was linked in a porn forum?).

So... may we have the luck of the vampires and happy 4 days before Halloween.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Even in death, may you prosper

Yet again, Yahoo has become notorious in providing my Top News feed with June and July headlines. This time, Character actor G.D. Spradlin dies in CA at 90 (July 26, 2011), Jackson tribute concert planned in Wales in Oct. (July 25, 2011), and Winehouse autopsy inconclusive; funeral Tuesday (July 26, 2011).

This time,  is saying I live in Los Angles. I'm still in Florida.

Friday, October 14, 2011

I seriously question technology

...especially when my fresh off the wire news says 'Jackass' star Ryan Dunn dies in fiery Pa. crash (June 21, 2011), Rest of Amy Winehouse's European tour in doubt (June 20, 2011), Marilyn Monroe dress is auctioned for $4.6 million (June 20 2011) and Sean Kingston says he's feeling better after crash (June 20 2011).

Seriously, folks, I really can't keep making this up when my
 is telling me otherwise.

Picture of what my news feed looks like, plus, I'm not in Brockton. 


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Buyers remorse?

Not so much buyers remorse, but a new Shine! / Yahoo! article was published today, saying some parents have name remorse. They regret giving their child some outlandish and outrageous name at birth. Yes, gone are the days when there was a Jamie, Bob, Lee, Harry or Cathy in every class. It became Apple, Brooklyn, Shasta, and any other fruit, city, state, house or food related conceptual word. Some kids these days have a mashup of all items!

Yes, parents are trying to be creative and want to attempt to set the tone or bar with their little nipper, but naming your son Trey Jolie Smith (idk, i made this up) just doesn't match his doctorate degree. Perhaps Maddy Juniper-Rose Jones may become a stripper and not a lawyer like you wanted.

It's a free world and people are allowed to do as they please, but how much must a child suffer in their developmental years, by a constant array of bullying about what you call them? In 18 years, when the child wants to be called David or Joan, then by all means, they're of legal age. But for now, for the sake of their sanity, stop throwing out random names.


watch, I'm going to live to regret these statements and end up naming my kid Space Rocketeer or some shit.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

No... wire... hangers

Actually, I wish I had a wire hanger... or two. Just to throw out my window.

There is a Planned Parenthood in a small plaza about 3 blocks or so from me. Every time I drive by it during daylight hours, there are at least 6 people at the corner with anti-abortion signs. We're talking "PRAY FOR UNBORN BABIES” as well as “PRAY FOR THE MOTHERS”, (two signs from today), “UNBORN BABIES HAVE RIGHTS TOO”, “WOMEN ALWAYS REGRET ABORTIONS”. There are quite a few more signs that people stand around holding. And these are not just any people; I’ve seen young, old, white, black, hoity-toity (seriously – the girl was probably early 20s, Gucci mini hand bag, full Prada shades, shorty shorts, flip flops), you name it, people are there.

I guess I’m spoiled. When I went to college in Brookline, there were always Jews for Jesus on the streets around Coolidge Corner. Sometimes the Hare Krishnas in the city, all looking for converts. But to see the anti-abortionists is new to me. One would think that living in a major city (Boston) for four years, everything would be seen. Especially since I’ve trolled some of the slums of the Dirty Bean at night. So weird.

But at any rate, is it bad that I want to just buy a package of wire hangers and start throwing them out my window at the people? Sure, this is America, and citizens have a right to protest. But, this location is so centralized with plastic surgery, eye surgeons, hearing centers; all things that we believe to better our physical appearance, no one thinks to check the clinic. I know, women get abortions on the time and it’s still a touchy subject, but it’s not even like it’s in a busy place. Yes, it’s across from the plastic surgery and day spa building as well as a regular day spa, but it’s in the same parking lot as a Subway, Smoothie King and Yo! Taco. I mean, what gives?

I don’t know. It’s one of those situations that needs more information and more thinking over. But it peaks my curiosity as far as the fact there are always 6-8 people standing outside on the street corner with signs, not even paying much attention to the area, or even causing attention. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say they were at the wrong place. As it is, it took me a good month to Google the plaza to find out there is in fact a Planned Parenthood (true story – I searched it yesterday).

I want feedback. Lemme know what your thoughts are… good or bad!

Monday, October 3, 2011

I'm invisible. Give me yer money.

Just for the price of a coffee and a 5 dollar donation, you can help a jobless American back on their feet.

Feck that. Just gimme the damn job with what you are paying for that grande mocha. I don't need a wristband, so donate that fin to me too!

I just read this article on CNN Money about Starbucks stepping up its game in the local communities and to get small businesses to create jobs. I see one problem: when conglomerates (such as Starbucks) are on every street corner, taking away from the Mom & Pops coffee house, how on Earth can they strive and stay open?

Yes, I know all the donations will help the CDFIs dole out the money, but I honestly do not see how the business can maintain a shelf life when people are more apt to go to the other places because they are used to it. Thusly, the plan will fold in on itself because other big name brands will pressure it down to the ground.

Tell me if I'm wrong, please. I urge you to.

I must admit, I love reading the comments on the news articles....


Saturday, October 1, 2011

Can't make this stuff up...

Happy October! As the new month begins, yet another reason to remind America that Betty Ford has just died. And, the Space Shuttle is flying for the last time. The other problem: I don't know if it's because my computer is crap, or my internet is broken, but the news feed reads Brockton. I'm not currently in Brockton. Either way, dear ol' Betty has 9 lives....