Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Leave me out of your regifting

Have you ever gotten so many useless items for the holidays, that nothing surprises you anymore? Me, I'm tired of the constant re-gift. The trash one person doesn't want, but thinks you'd consider it 24 karat gold; cherishing it always, never once imagining hocking it.

I've people that think I'm this technophile, wham, bam, thank you m'am, all around geek for anything that deals with spare parts.

I've made it known, quite a few times, that I don't own anything more technical than my Canon Rebel SLR camera and a portable CD player. I don't want an iPod, iPad, iWhatever. I have no use for them because I choose to use materials that are still in good standing. I.e. my camera, although one can barely find 35mm film anymore, works wonders. I've got clearer pictures from that 6 year old contraption, than the new Nikon Coolpix my mother purchased for herself two years ago. She took her camera to Spain and Italy, I took mine to England. Guess who came home with top quality snapshots. Me. I choose not to monkey over a screen. I like the element of a surprised "oops" photo op sometimes. I walk around with a tape player. Yes, I have cassette tapes. I have a portable CD player that was hooked up to my previous car. My current has a tape and CD player. I like my vinyl records because it's much more softer and enjoyable a sound. Not that I find the means of music circa 1990 and beyond terribly bad, but wax is more homey. I don't use public transportation to warrant the iCrap. My laptop stays home and I've no need to be on anything electronical for more than a few minutes at a time when I'm outside. My mobile is 5 years old, and I don't text. I read books made of paper, not pixels. In fact, I'm waiting for 24 January, so I can buy book 12 of the Cirque Du Freak manga series. In the store. Come May, I'll be back in the local to buy the fourth (and final) book of the Saga of Larten Crepsley series. I don't Nook, Kindle, e-Read or squint over letters if they're not in paperback or hardcover form. I like things the way they are. One may be so inclined to refer to me as some sort of neo-Luddite.

That being said, I received my yearly holiday present from some family members. Every year, they send me something that I surely have no use for, but they gift it based on the fact that it was free for them, and they, sure as the day is long, don't need it. One year was a gift card to a music store. Yeah, thanks, I don't have access to those machines that it's intended for. The next year, it was a docking station for the materials that they know I don't have. Okay, thanks again; I'll be sure to use it... if I ever end up buying the machine (meanwhile, I think it's in a box somewhere, deep in storage, collecting dust). This year, it was a pen and calculator set, circa 1995. No lie. I've seen this set before, and I think they sent a similar one to me in 1997. The thing comes free with a big purchase of office supplies. It cost more to mail than it did to make.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not spoiled, nor am I an ungrateful bitch. I just feel that, if you're going to take the time to give someone a "thoughtful" gift, please spend the time to get to know what they're interested in, and perhaps ask them what they'd like for the holidays. Don't just send your day old (unwanted) trash.

Happy Holidays, y'all.


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Stop Censorship vol. 2

I've censored the following, in protest of a bill that gives any corporation and the US government the power to censor the internet--a bill that could pass THIS WEEK. To see the uncensored text, and to stop internet censorship, visit: http://americancensorship.org/posts/15954/uncensor

████ is ██████! We are a ██████ who ████ on the ███████ to █████ ███████████. By █████████ our ███████████, we █████ ███████. ██████ do a ██████ by not ███████ ████ ████!

Uncensor This

Friday, December 9, 2011

They call this a remix?

I belong to a music service that pushes new singles into the email inbox of your choosing. The site is for people in the music / radio industry, in hopes the track gets played on a local station. Usually, the song is the luck of the draw; meaning, sometimes it's good, sometimes it's so horrendous, you want to know why it's streaming.

I got the latter part a couple days ago.

I checked my main business account to find the "new" Amy Winehouse megamix sitting pretty, waiting to be played. I let it stay on my account, locally, until today, where I was just floored by the crap job someone did to it.

I am not linking to any site that has it up and running because I want readers to find it. It honestly does not deserve to be linked.

I mean no disrespect to anyone; Winehouse, her label and people, the person who mixed the song, but fucking hell. It sounds like the artist (if you want to call it that) wasn't even paying attention to what he (or she) was stringing together. The only thing that was kept consistent was they dropped a beat or two between tracks. This main track, in essence, is being described as the culmination of Winehouse's work - her best singles. Yea, four minutes later, I just want to flush my ears out with TNT and pray an explosion happens. I've mixed better songs together and had it sound more clear and concise than this song even portrays Amy Winehouse to be. I'm not saying I am a top mixer, because I find most of my tracks to be worthy of automatic gutters, but I think I found something to compare to!

Sorry, Ms. Winehouse, but a track linking itself to Lioness: Hidden Treasures does not deserve whatever credibility you have worked so diligently for. Although I'm interested in hearing this posthumous album, the megamix turned me off.


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

They say you want a REVOLUTION

Okay, I'm all for (what used to be) my local MLS team, The New England Revolution, but when someone can't write a good PR copy, no team is immune.

What went out today, especially tweeted via the Revs' Twitter feed was explaining how three veteran members are currently eligible to enter into the MLS re-entry process of getting contracts and a team for 2012 (because the Revs declined the original contract options).

They are (the man with the mustache) Ryan Cochrane, Kheli Dube, and (one of my favourites) Pat Phelan. These men are within the age gap and MLS servitude that allows them the opportunity to either opt out of the current standings and processes and stay with their previously signed clubs, or continue with the Re Entry and perhaps get involved in other places.

As much as I have respect for my team, and although they've gone down hill this year (the firing of the tenured head coach Stevie Nicol, and being in absolute last place in the standings), I will always support them. I've been following the team since conception in the 90s and can remember when I would sit outside on a warm summer night, with a little hand held TV and watch the boys beat the other teams into submission. People make fun of me for watching soccer (football), but at least I'm passionate about something.

That being said, the Revs have also been posting job opportunities. So, since the PR team made a mistake in this article, can I have a job?


Saturday, November 26, 2011


As you may have noticed, there's a new banner hanging out on the top of my blog. "Stop Censorship", where unfortunately, the link doesn't work, but it's to the American Censorship Now campaign.

According to the site, where "The US Congress is considering America's first system for censoring the Internet." and "Despite public outcry, the Internet Censorship bill could pass at any time. If it does, the Internet and free speech will never be the same"

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Yes, kill me before you hire me

I applied to a sports team as their office manager, a few months ago. I thought I was qualified for the position, but apparently, I am not even qualified enough to have the emailed (canned) response have my name on it.

As little disturbing as that is, it doesn't hit the radar like the blatant misuse of words in the reason for why I'm not getting an offer. Allegedly, this team wants to directly off me, not hire me.

Thanks, I was looking for a way out of having to keep applying for positions... and this is a reputable place??

The only thing I edited was the person's email address and I took out what team it was for. Otherwise, things are what is in the picture.


Sunday, November 20, 2011

ABC needs to s-p-e-l-l

Today's word of the day is brought to you by ABC News, where, powered by Yahoo!, we received grovery.

ShopRite govery store ???

The article is about the Campbell family. The parents keep Nazi Germany in their favour by having every child born into that household named a variation of Hitler's army. Including the eldest son whose name is Adolf Hitler Campbell. His siblings include JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell and Honszlynn Himler Jeannie Campbell.

What's so new about this, and why is it making the internet front page yet again (see here for original story) ? A new child has been added to the family. Hons Campbell, the newborn. Why does this matter? Because all four children are in state custody, due to their names. Allegedly, the parents, Heath and Deborah do not abuse their children at all. However, the New Jersey city they reside in, seems to think otherwise. Neighbours, people they meet, all seem to think there is more to this family then the odd names of the children. According to the recent article, a neighbour claims that Adolf would go to her house to play, but not want to return to his own house afterwards, even though he showed no outward signs of abuse.

It's one thing to name your child something weird like Excalibur, but to name your child out of a point in history where people would rather forget that happened and not keep the memories alive, well, you've got another thing coming. Maybe there is no form of abuse.. of any kind, but the names are the abusers.

But the focus of my entry today is the mis spelling. Because Adolf couldn't get his birthday cake from ShopRite when he turned three, because the store said they could not put 'Adolph Hitler' on a cake. However, ShopRite is now a grovery chain.

What the hell?

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I've been hanging around this town for so long!

Last night (Tuesday, November 16 2011), I was out at my car because I had company that was leaving. We were chatting, and all of a sudden, I look at the antenna on my car. There was a frog completely hanging out on it, as if the antenna were the front stoop! It was so funny to see, and for as many pictures as I took, nothing mattered to this little guy, including the flash going off! He didn't try to jump away, nor did he try to fight it. He just kept staying perched there, minding his own, taking in the Florida warmth.

As my company pulled out of the driveway, they saw a bigger frog in the bushes next door. Maybe it's the little frog's older sibling, maybe not, but I didn't want to get too close, as rumour has it, these big'uns can carry spit to kill (animals, but to humans, it's less... like makes ya itch or something).

Needless to say, it got the Counting Crows' Hanginaround song in my head.


Saturday, November 12, 2011

What form of Websters are you using?

I received an email from a sports site, stating there are several new postings up for jobs. Woohoo! What can I possibly not be qualified for, this time?

I guess my lack of understanding the English language:

This was one of the questions being asked for an administrative assistant job. In order to proceed with the application process, one must fill in the necessary text boxes. When I encountered the question, *Briefly explain your accouting and cash reconciliation experience, I answered it as best I could. And that meant giving them a kind of snarky, smart ass answer. I didn't intend for it to sound that way, however, it's honest. I can not explain my "accouting experience" as there is no definition for such word. They might have meant  "accounting", as it relates to the latter part of the question. However, they really need to review what they are asking for, before they submit it to a national site, especially where they posted the job on two different occasions.

Man, I love being a grammar and spelling Nazi...... not


Friday, November 11, 2011

I want the past 139 minutes of my life back

And my dollar twenty.

I was watching Deconstructing Harry when it was suggested we try watching The Tree Of Life, a movie that was rented via Redbox this morning. Okay, since I was only 20 minutes into the Woody Allen movie, and this 2011 rental looked interesting.

Boy, was I wrong. The only thing promising about the movie was the synopsis. Everything else was just plain "W.T.F". It seemed that out of 50 minutes I was able to watch, maybe 15 had dialogue and 10 was actually viewable.

There really is no good way to sum up how awful this movie really is. I can only suggest that if you want a slow moving, not at all like the summary, film, that you rent it. Otherwise, keep it off your list.

Even though this movie had big name stars - Brad Pitt, Sean Penn,  Jessica Chastain, and Fiona Shaw, this film can not be saved. Not even the religious and scientific (come to find out) aspect could rectify how cheated I felt from thinking this was going to be somewhat decent (I'm not much a Pitt fan).

1/10 stars, and that's asking alot.

Jack, the wide-eyed, 11-year-old, eldest son of a 1950s-era Midwestern family, loses his innocence after encountering sickness, suffering and death for the first time. He finds himself caught between his mother, who views the world with love and mercy, and his father, whose severity in teaching his son self-reliance leaves a lasting impression on Jack. Approximately 40 years later, an adult Jack is a lost soul in the modern world, still struggling to reconcile the complicated relationship with his father, and still grappling for answers to life's eternal questions.
      (synopsis courtesy Redbox)

This movie has officially made me a fan of Woody Allen.


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Immune to your consultations

Okay, so we all know by now, no one is immune from seeing their names in LED/ LCD lights on this blog. Names get changed, titles erased, and I do my best to make it so that the person is protected from harassment.

That being said...

I had to take my laptop to a well known electronic / computer store last week (Staples). My one year and some months old Dell took a total dive bomb into computer heaven (hard drive was the culprit).

Since I originally opened the box for this model, I've had nothing but problems. Maybe it's my incessant need for not wanting to have to update my self to new technology. Maybe it was the fact that I got a lemon computer. Either way, since conception, this specific laptop gave me nothing but hassle. Finally, it bit the dust, and I brought it in to the store to see if it's worth fixing, considering my warranty just expired. Murphy's Law, eh?

Well, I got a new hard drive installed, and was able to get the proper items detailed and put back in the computer. Only problem: when I originally bought the computer, I bought it from someone who was able to help me get a computer I could use - one that would afford me the opportunity to use my Communications degree (I needed enough memory and pull on the thing to be able to record demo reels). I also needed the basic writing software... Notepad doesn't cut it sometimes.

So... getting my "new" computer back the other day with everything installed, I don't have the writing software. The tech at the store stated that when they were able to briefly look at what was flashed on the old hard drive (which was minimal since it pretty much went door dead on them), the OEM was only showing extreme basic items - Notepad and Paint. Everything else were trials. Including the antivirus program that I had never even used. They were really nice, and were able to install all the necessary drivers for me, since I explained how I had purchased my computer and how the only thing I had to show for what was put on the thing was a receipt of purchase. Yes, before you start calling the cops and trying to track me, it is a legit computer. Don't think twice about it being otherwise. Once the drivers were installed, I was pretty much good to go, especially to go home and email the Tech I had dealt with in the beginning. I needed the information from him, in order to install everything else.

After a couple brief correspondences, he has agreed to work with me in going through the proper channels to rectify the situation. Which leads me to the point of this entry. The man I'm working with, has been in the IT world for numerous years. He's well known in his community and can get things done when needed. Only problem is the simple mistake of spelling.

Which I just wrote a long winded back story to bring that up.

When I explained to the guy that I had to buy a new hard drive because the original died, he responded with some questions pertaining to what I had to do to get the computer fixed... including asking me the following screen cap:

"Did you bye a new hard drive?"

I guess the moral of the story is to maybe have spell check handy? Perhaps double check what you question before hitting reply? I don't know. All I know is what I see.

Like I stated in the beginning, I'm not here to embarrass anyone, or start pointing fingers. I include anecdotes and accidental mishaps for the general purpose of un-stating the obvious. It's not to be mean or not to make fun. I just had to laugh at the whole situation with my computer, based on what I had to go through last week in getting a part fixed. I am sure that every one who reads this has had a similar incident and can laugh along with me.


Always watch the prices

I was in Kohl's this morning, shopping for clothes, when I went perusing through other departments. Housewares had some leftover Halloween items that were definately not on sale.

Case in point:

A table runner of sorts. First off, the "boo" lettering is backwards, on both sides of the runner...

I thought maybe it was a defect, But it seemed that the other runners were like that as well.

But the most disturbing item about this: The fact that they marked up the price! The original printed tag states it's $14.99, but there is a label over it, with a new price... $19.99!

So I guess, in a sense, you get what you pay for. But... always make sure to double check your price. You never know if they're hiking the prices up for your benefit...


Saturday, November 5, 2011

It wasn't read in the tea leaves

There are only a handful of books out now, or a handful of books I've previously read, that I would consider reading over again. Not that many strike me as well written and keeps your interest peaked. Especially ones based on war.

Pat Barker's Regeneration Trilogy is one of those books (er... set of books, seeing it's a threefer) that has made me want to do more research about the topic and read them whenever possible.

I had read the first book, Regeneration in college (what feels like sooo many years ago.. We're talking 2004, though), for an English class. The class itself, "Madness Thru Literature" was still in transit. The students who took it that year were the guinea pigs, because it was a new school offering. Needless to say, there were some great books and novels to come out of that course, and Pat Barker's trilogy was one of them.

Then again, we only read the first book.

Which I ended up re-reading this past summer so I (finally) read the two latter books (7 years later). I admit, though, that I do like to read up on various forms of history. I like to see what people can write about the situation and keep it interesting, whether or not they include real facts. History peaks my interest and there really are alot of fictional stories out there that are loosely based on the real event. But those suggestions are fit for another entry.

Regeneration takes place in Britain during World War One at Craiglockhart War Hospital. A head psychiatrist is working with various soldiers, however, the novel revolves around one in particular (Seigfried), but seques into another (Billy). The main patient is absolutely against the war, while the second has a speech problem.

The characters, in my opinion, are written well and you do get to know who they are and what they stand for.

          Amazon's blurb:
In 1917 Seigfried Sasson, noted poet and decorated war hero, publicly refused to continue serving as a British officer in World War I. His reason: The war was a senseless slaughter. He was officially classified "mentally unsound" and sent to Craiglockhart War Hospital. There a brilliant psychiatrist, Dr. William Rivers, set about restoring Sassoon's "sanity" and sending him back to the trenches. This novel tells what happened as only a novel can. It is a war saga in which not a shot is fired. It is a story of a battle for a man's mind in which only the reader can decide who is the victor, who the vanquished, and who the victim. It is one of the most amazing feats of fiction of our time. "Regeneration" is the first novel in Pat Barker's acclaimed World War I trilogy, which continues with "The Eye in the Door" and culminates in the 1995 Booker Prize-winning "The Ghost Road."

I don't want to write anymore about the book, as I may spoil it, nor do I want to tell the series, but I do highly suggest them if you are a history buff, book person, or just curious to read another side of what we all think about when "WWI" is said aloud. They are paperbacks, and pretty easy to follow, but I must warn you: It's not in American English, for those in the States. It's British English, so you'd see "colour" instead of "color". But if you can stand the variations of words, I am sure you will find the books just as interesting as I did.

Hey, if you do end up reading them, come back to this page and let me know what you thought! :)

(link to books via Amazon: Regeneration [Paperback]The Eye in the Door [Paperback], The Ghost Road (William Abrahams) [Paperback]


Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tag! You're it

or, "How many people does it take to tag a Harrods sign?"

As promised, I'm uploading some new edited pictures. This time, it's a Harrods sign that various people graffiti'd. I took the original picture during my trip into London on 27 June, 2009. My friend and I were walking around and made our way to the store. We sat outside, watching the people, for at least an hour. So I figured, I'd take whatever pictures I could around the block, and came out with the tagged one.

Having sent some pictures to someone this morning, I found the pole picture and decided to tweak it.

The original:

The edits:



Thursday, October 27, 2011

Edited for approval

Actually, edited for boredom.

I got bored the other day, and started editing a picture I took whilst on my trip to England, in June 2009. I found it extremely funny how there was so many phone booths around, whilst traveling by foot, and especially, how randomly places they were.

My friend and I were walking to the train station, and although it wasn't that busy a street, it was still a main drag. So, in the middle of the road (so to speak), there was this:

No editing, straight shooting. Canon EOS Rebel G SLR. 35mm film.

Next pictures are the edits (I actually like them):


I'm sure I'll be posting more pictures and edits at some point...


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pay up!

Here's the deal: I've decided to try out Google's AdSense. I keep seeing the name pop up in various places, and see the Monetize tab in my Blogger screen, and now I'm curious as to how it goes down. I am currently waiting approval for full use, but I figure, why not? People keep coming here and linking me on other sites, why not ad some advertisements to this place? Lively it up? Yes, I know I contradict myself because I post links and videos here, and ask people don't link me to places, but... I at least explain in the post why its relevant. I'm finding my page on so many different sites, that sometimes, it's not even relevant (I was linked in a porn forum?).

So... may we have the luck of the vampires and happy 4 days before Halloween.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Even in death, may you prosper

Yet again, Yahoo has become notorious in providing my Top News feed with June and July headlines. This time, Character actor G.D. Spradlin dies in CA at 90 (July 26, 2011), Jackson tribute concert planned in Wales in Oct. (July 25, 2011), and Winehouse autopsy inconclusive; funeral Tuesday (July 26, 2011).

This time,  is saying I live in Los Angles. I'm still in Florida.

Friday, October 14, 2011

I seriously question technology

...especially when my fresh off the wire news says 'Jackass' star Ryan Dunn dies in fiery Pa. crash (June 21, 2011), Rest of Amy Winehouse's European tour in doubt (June 20, 2011), Marilyn Monroe dress is auctioned for $4.6 million (June 20 2011) and Sean Kingston says he's feeling better after crash (June 20 2011).

Seriously, folks, I really can't keep making this up when my
 is telling me otherwise.

Picture of what my news feed looks like, plus, I'm not in Brockton. 


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Buyers remorse?

Not so much buyers remorse, but a new Shine! / Yahoo! article was published today, saying some parents have name remorse. They regret giving their child some outlandish and outrageous name at birth. Yes, gone are the days when there was a Jamie, Bob, Lee, Harry or Cathy in every class. It became Apple, Brooklyn, Shasta, and any other fruit, city, state, house or food related conceptual word. Some kids these days have a mashup of all items!

Yes, parents are trying to be creative and want to attempt to set the tone or bar with their little nipper, but naming your son Trey Jolie Smith (idk, i made this up) just doesn't match his doctorate degree. Perhaps Maddy Juniper-Rose Jones may become a stripper and not a lawyer like you wanted.

It's a free world and people are allowed to do as they please, but how much must a child suffer in their developmental years, by a constant array of bullying about what you call them? In 18 years, when the child wants to be called David or Joan, then by all means, they're of legal age. But for now, for the sake of their sanity, stop throwing out random names.


watch, I'm going to live to regret these statements and end up naming my kid Space Rocketeer or some shit.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

No... wire... hangers

Actually, I wish I had a wire hanger... or two. Just to throw out my window.

There is a Planned Parenthood in a small plaza about 3 blocks or so from me. Every time I drive by it during daylight hours, there are at least 6 people at the corner with anti-abortion signs. We're talking "PRAY FOR UNBORN BABIES” as well as “PRAY FOR THE MOTHERS”, (two signs from today), “UNBORN BABIES HAVE RIGHTS TOO”, “WOMEN ALWAYS REGRET ABORTIONS”. There are quite a few more signs that people stand around holding. And these are not just any people; I’ve seen young, old, white, black, hoity-toity (seriously – the girl was probably early 20s, Gucci mini hand bag, full Prada shades, shorty shorts, flip flops), you name it, people are there.

I guess I’m spoiled. When I went to college in Brookline, there were always Jews for Jesus on the streets around Coolidge Corner. Sometimes the Hare Krishnas in the city, all looking for converts. But to see the anti-abortionists is new to me. One would think that living in a major city (Boston) for four years, everything would be seen. Especially since I’ve trolled some of the slums of the Dirty Bean at night. So weird.

But at any rate, is it bad that I want to just buy a package of wire hangers and start throwing them out my window at the people? Sure, this is America, and citizens have a right to protest. But, this location is so centralized with plastic surgery, eye surgeons, hearing centers; all things that we believe to better our physical appearance, no one thinks to check the clinic. I know, women get abortions on the time and it’s still a touchy subject, but it’s not even like it’s in a busy place. Yes, it’s across from the plastic surgery and day spa building as well as a regular day spa, but it’s in the same parking lot as a Subway, Smoothie King and Yo! Taco. I mean, what gives?

I don’t know. It’s one of those situations that needs more information and more thinking over. But it peaks my curiosity as far as the fact there are always 6-8 people standing outside on the street corner with signs, not even paying much attention to the area, or even causing attention. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say they were at the wrong place. As it is, it took me a good month to Google the plaza to find out there is in fact a Planned Parenthood (true story – I searched it yesterday).

I want feedback. Lemme know what your thoughts are… good or bad!

Monday, October 3, 2011

I'm invisible. Give me yer money.

Just for the price of a coffee and a 5 dollar donation, you can help a jobless American back on their feet.

Feck that. Just gimme the damn job with what you are paying for that grande mocha. I don't need a wristband, so donate that fin to me too!

I just read this article on CNN Money about Starbucks stepping up its game in the local communities and to get small businesses to create jobs. I see one problem: when conglomerates (such as Starbucks) are on every street corner, taking away from the Mom & Pops coffee house, how on Earth can they strive and stay open?

Yes, I know all the donations will help the CDFIs dole out the money, but I honestly do not see how the business can maintain a shelf life when people are more apt to go to the other places because they are used to it. Thusly, the plan will fold in on itself because other big name brands will pressure it down to the ground.

Tell me if I'm wrong, please. I urge you to.

I must admit, I love reading the comments on the news articles....


Saturday, October 1, 2011

Can't make this stuff up...

Happy October! As the new month begins, yet another reason to remind America that Betty Ford has just died. And, the Space Shuttle is flying for the last time. The other problem: I don't know if it's because my computer is crap, or my internet is broken, but the news feed reads Brockton. I'm not currently in Brockton. Either way, dear ol' Betty has 9 lives....


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Just write

I am not one to constantly fly the equality flag, every chance that is given. People know my opinions and they accept it. I have friends of all colours, creeds, religious, and sexual orientation, and I don't mind. What I mind, is like a lot of people, the PDA that goes over board. I do not mind the occasional kiss or hand holding, but when it becomes a pay per view special and I need to rent a sleezy motel room, then it is an issue. You know the type - back to the wall in a strip mall or movie theatre, going full blown where you ask yourself why aren't their clothes off yet. That, I have an issue with.

But that's not the point of this entry.

Like every morning, when I can, I read what's on the wire. Today's interesting hurried news comes out of celebrity juice once again. I am still amazed that AP doesn't read everything before it's submitted to go out. There are no wrongly spelled words in this piece, just that the need to know information is misplaced. 'L-Word' star kisses girl, gets escorted off plane True as it may be, Yahoo has provided the link, but it's still an Associated Press item.

The thing I don't agree with, is the fact that the opening sentence about Leisha Hailey has information not relevant to said "need to know".
A lesbian actress who starred in "The L-Word" said she kissed a girl — and got escorted off of a Southwest Airlines flight on Monday for doing it

I know my statement is contradictory. It is (maybe not so) pivotal information that the actress is indeed a lesbian (I thought she was bisexual in her last outing statement?) , because she was kissing her girlfriend, but it does not need to open the article. There are so many other ways that this piece could have been written. Saying she is a lesbian is good measure, but that could have been done somewhere down the page (like where it talks about her role as Alice Pieszecki on The L Word).

I don't know; maybe it's the English major in me, wanting to cite wrongful musings in badly written wire copies. Maybe I've just over thought the whole ordeal and should commend Ms. Hailey for doing what was natural - showing her significant other some love and because it got her removed from an airplane. But it shows that you really fly anywhere these days if you feel your lover deserves a "peck on the cheek" or that your drawars are a bit saggy.

Guess terrorism is #winning.... Thank you.


e2a: 4pm 27/9/2011: there has been an update with the situation. Seems someone actually wrote a better copy!! Airline: 'L Word' star removed for excessive kiss

Friday, September 23, 2011

Tag... you're it

Ok, second in a row post about music. First if you're seeing this now (make sure you check out today's other post).

Since I am doing a rap theme, I have to endorse the crossbreed emcee named Knothead. He's a "hardcore, metal-laced hip-hop" cat out of the Pacific Northwest (that's the Washington State, Oregon and British Columbia (Canada) area, for all you geographically challenged).

The dude is dope, I must say. That's if you're into a variant of horrorcore and screachers (growlers). He had originally found me (me!) on Twitter, and he is not one of those artists who thinks they are too good for people. Knothead is one honest guy and takes the time to tweet you back with real answers if you question him (I know firsthand - we're always having decent convos). Yea, he's touring right now. Yes has an album out (and memorable "featuring" artists include Prozak and Twisted Insane). Yes, he retweets people's quirky facts, but I say nip this guy out. Score yourself his tape, you won't be let down.

I must say, the most favourable (for me) tracks on the album are tracks #1 (Intro), #4 (We Underground), #5 (Tear It All Down),  #7 (Go Nowhere), #9 (Transmission Interupt), and #16 (Signal Lost). Maybe it's me playing favouritism because I'm a Commie (communications person). Either way, still nip out the Album.

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Money don't grow on trees!

What? So how do we get our paper to print the bills? The ink, I know, comes from various sources - nature and man made. But bills? Okay.

Anyway, there's been a song floating around, Ain't No Rest For The Wicked, by Cage The Elephant. It's not "new" per se, seeing how it came out a couple years ago. If you don't know it, see the following video:


Whilst finding the video for the song, I came across someone's rap version, Ain't No Weed For the Wicked. It's LilSneezy rapping. Whoever he may be. It's creatively remixed, and well done, but it's funny as hell. Yes, like one of the annotations states, it's another weed song.

Hear, hear, pass....

oh, and I do suggest you nip out Sneezy's mixtape. I'm not endorsing it by any means, but try it.


Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Like I said with the Amy Winehouse post, I keep randomly seeing past top story news in my Yahoo feed.

Well, I managed to get the screencap and wire link today about Betty Ford. Like the blog roll before, I screencapped the time and date I saw it with. That way, when reading the former first lady news article, you realise she died 2 months ago.


Monday, September 19, 2011


I've said it before, and I'll say it again. The area in Florida that I am, has some weird cloud coverage. These were taken tonight as the storm clouds were leaving and the dark night was rolling in. No special effects, no flash, just what the Nikon camera took (yes, I used a Coolpix. It's not mine though).

Nothing more... just enjoy the view.