Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Just write

I am not one to constantly fly the equality flag, every chance that is given. People know my opinions and they accept it. I have friends of all colours, creeds, religious, and sexual orientation, and I don't mind. What I mind, is like a lot of people, the PDA that goes over board. I do not mind the occasional kiss or hand holding, but when it becomes a pay per view special and I need to rent a sleezy motel room, then it is an issue. You know the type - back to the wall in a strip mall or movie theatre, going full blown where you ask yourself why aren't their clothes off yet. That, I have an issue with.

But that's not the point of this entry.

Like every morning, when I can, I read what's on the wire. Today's interesting hurried news comes out of celebrity juice once again. I am still amazed that AP doesn't read everything before it's submitted to go out. There are no wrongly spelled words in this piece, just that the need to know information is misplaced. 'L-Word' star kisses girl, gets escorted off plane True as it may be, Yahoo has provided the link, but it's still an Associated Press item.

The thing I don't agree with, is the fact that the opening sentence about Leisha Hailey has information not relevant to said "need to know".
A lesbian actress who starred in "The L-Word" said she kissed a girl — and got escorted off of a Southwest Airlines flight on Monday for doing it

I know my statement is contradictory. It is (maybe not so) pivotal information that the actress is indeed a lesbian (I thought she was bisexual in her last outing statement?) , because she was kissing her girlfriend, but it does not need to open the article. There are so many other ways that this piece could have been written. Saying she is a lesbian is good measure, but that could have been done somewhere down the page (like where it talks about her role as Alice Pieszecki on The L Word).

I don't know; maybe it's the English major in me, wanting to cite wrongful musings in badly written wire copies. Maybe I've just over thought the whole ordeal and should commend Ms. Hailey for doing what was natural - showing her significant other some love and because it got her removed from an airplane. But it shows that you really fly anywhere these days if you feel your lover deserves a "peck on the cheek" or that your drawars are a bit saggy.

Guess terrorism is #winning.... Thank you.


e2a: 4pm 27/9/2011: there has been an update with the situation. Seems someone actually wrote a better copy!! Airline: 'L Word' star removed for excessive kiss

Friday, September 23, 2011

Tag... you're it

Ok, second in a row post about music. First if you're seeing this now (make sure you check out today's other post).

Since I am doing a rap theme, I have to endorse the crossbreed emcee named Knothead. He's a "hardcore, metal-laced hip-hop" cat out of the Pacific Northwest (that's the Washington State, Oregon and British Columbia (Canada) area, for all you geographically challenged).

The dude is dope, I must say. That's if you're into a variant of horrorcore and screachers (growlers). He had originally found me (me!) on Twitter, and he is not one of those artists who thinks they are too good for people. Knothead is one honest guy and takes the time to tweet you back with real answers if you question him (I know firsthand - we're always having decent convos). Yea, he's touring right now. Yes has an album out (and memorable "featuring" artists include Prozak and Twisted Insane). Yes, he retweets people's quirky facts, but I say nip this guy out. Score yourself his tape, you won't be let down.

I must say, the most favourable (for me) tracks on the album are tracks #1 (Intro), #4 (We Underground), #5 (Tear It All Down),  #7 (Go Nowhere), #9 (Transmission Interupt), and #16 (Signal Lost). Maybe it's me playing favouritism because I'm a Commie (communications person). Either way, still nip out the Album.

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Money don't grow on trees!

What? So how do we get our paper to print the bills? The ink, I know, comes from various sources - nature and man made. But bills? Okay.

Anyway, there's been a song floating around, Ain't No Rest For The Wicked, by Cage The Elephant. It's not "new" per se, seeing how it came out a couple years ago. If you don't know it, see the following video:


Whilst finding the video for the song, I came across someone's rap version, Ain't No Weed For the Wicked. It's LilSneezy rapping. Whoever he may be. It's creatively remixed, and well done, but it's funny as hell. Yes, like one of the annotations states, it's another weed song.

Hear, hear, pass....

oh, and I do suggest you nip out Sneezy's mixtape. I'm not endorsing it by any means, but try it.


Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Like I said with the Amy Winehouse post, I keep randomly seeing past top story news in my Yahoo feed.

Well, I managed to get the screencap and wire link today about Betty Ford. Like the blog roll before, I screencapped the time and date I saw it with. That way, when reading the former first lady news article, you realise she died 2 months ago.


Monday, September 19, 2011


I've said it before, and I'll say it again. The area in Florida that I am, has some weird cloud coverage. These were taken tonight as the storm clouds were leaving and the dark night was rolling in. No special effects, no flash, just what the Nikon camera took (yes, I used a Coolpix. It's not mine though).

Nothing more... just enjoy the view.

Monday, September 12, 2011


The area I am in has the weirdest cloud coverage. I am so used to New England weather and dull / grey clouds, that Florida's fluff is definitely beyond odd. Maybe I'm not used to it yet, but it's funky.

Last night, it was starting to get grey and thunder was threatening. We were out and decided to head back to the house "just in case" the sky opened up. There have been brief showers that came so quick and hard, that people had to pull to the side of the road for 15 minutes.

So these pictures are from the car ride home. It was a thick, black, blanket of clouds; mixed with some reds and pinks. It looked like it was either chasing the sun down the block, or the sun was trying to fight it away. Either way, it was pretty cool.

And no, we didn't get the storm.


Friday, September 9, 2011

We were duped!

What in the hell?? THIS was breaking news in my Yahoo news break tonight...

I didn't realise Winehouse was still alive and cancelling part of her European tour! Time stamp I added, so you know it's really real. I saw last week in the Y! news about Betty Ford and her Funeral... Someone is a bit slow on the uptake...