Thursday, August 27, 2009

People of Berlin...

No, it's not the JFK Berlin speech, but I just wanted to say Rest In Peace Teddy. Everyone, everywhere has been commenting on Sen. Kennedy's passing and although he is currently in repose at his brother's library (John F Kennedy Library and Musuem), he will be buried in Arlington within the next few days. People in town were blogging they saw the cars go past them, heads down, as to say silent prayers for the family.
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For the older generation(s) they can attest to where they've been when JFK was assassinated. Some can remember Bobby. while the middle generation can remember John-John's plane go down, "my" generation can say where they were when Eunice and Teddy passed.

I say "my" because people my age may not think of something like a Kennedy passing as historical, but it's something to remember. Something to tell the children and grandchildren one day. Once the fucked up "normalities" of life are broken and we all can just get along. But that'll be the day, right? Haha.

Anyway, again, hearts go out to the Kennedy clan and much respect goes with it....