Saturday, June 20, 2015

And the lord said...

"Go Sawx".


It's not Sunday, nor am I in The Dirty Bean. I am, however, transferring all my old black and white 35mm film negatives into a digital format. That means, all the photos that I took around Boston during some "well spent college years" in 2004, finally get their turn at being shared. I'm glad they can be finally cleaned up and viewed because I've been wanting to do this for a while. Yes, I was taking film pictures then; and yes, I still would be, if I had access to a darkroom or somewhere to take my film for development. Up until 2012, I had been using the Canon Rebel G. Now I'm using it's hipper sibling, the digital T3 (which like the G, is "outdated". The new EOS Rebel line is all about the promotion (and use) of the Canon EOS Rebel T5 and the Canon EOS Rebel T6. Which I would definitely look in to, should something fail with my T3... not that I am looking for my current camera to go tits up, mind you, I don't want to upgrade so quickly. Although, I am sure when it's time, these two models will be far from top of the line).