Saturday, November 14, 2009



I've been promising an upload, I know. But after I finished my last edit, I stopped for 2 weeks and took a breather. I'm currently editing again. I can't seem to stop. It's bloody well addicting!

At any rate, there's another edit in the works, and my buddy Q-Tip received a care package from me - the current edit of the story. Yea, you guys deserve it too, but look how many versions of it are already on here. In due time, ya'll will get it.

I just hope I can work on the sequel next. I started reading it last night because I needed some inspiration to keep editing. All I have to say, is hot damn. I must have been flying on something because it's so close to home with the bantering and ranting with certain people... got damn...

Right on. I've got to get going so catch ya'll on the flip.

Peace and Cheers