Monday, March 30, 2015

That moment when you lose an hour in web searching

I have a job where I transfer analogue film to digital devices. What that means, basically, is I push record on a DVD Recorder and play on a VCRvideo camera, or any other device that can plug into said recorder. Or, in the cases where I have to transfer movie film (reels) to the computer, I'm using a capture device that goes right into the computer and into Pinnacle Studio. I've worked on Studio 12 and 16, and there's somewhat of a major difference with both. But since I'm on two computers, I need two devices.... or so I thought.

When trying to research the specific Pinnacle brand adapter, I got lost in my typing today. Between the Kworld USB ATSC TV Tuner TV Tuners and Video Capture, the Blackmagic Design Intensity Extreme HDMI and Analog Capture & Playback Device - Thunderbolt, and Teradek Inc 10-0245 VidiU Camera-Top HDMI H.264 Encoder (this really looks neat - technology, man!), I didn't know what to do first. Part of me says "#want" to be able to try it out, but another part of me says "no way, can't afford it". I guess that's where my job can afford to get it for me? In a way, yes, but for the most part, no. I work in a small mom and pop store, where we don't always get a rush for video work.

Considering I am in Florida, it's snowbird country. That means this part of America's Wang only gets its economy boosted every November to April, unless you live here year round. It's a double edged sword on so many levels. But what are you gonna do? Better yet, what am I gonna do?

I'll continue to stay local (unless I can find somewhere else to go), stay current, transfer antiquated videos using current technology, and pray it all comes out okay.


Sunday, March 22, 2015

Photography's technology

Photography keeps changing. Every day a new type of lens comes out for a digital camera body kit. Old kits are becoming discontinued as quickly as point and shoots are being produced with easy smartphone access. 35mm film cameras have gone by the wayside as you rarely can find film in stores, as it's all online. Try developing that roll - you can't. What do you do? Do an internet search on a major "retailer" site that is currently taking big box stores off the market.

That's why I still love my old Canon Rebel 35mm film camera. It's been a discontinued model for years already, and I'm learning the Rebel T3 DSLR I bought only 3 years ago is another Canon model that has sadly disappeared. That's okay; it looks like the Canon EOS Rebel T5 could be the next upgrade I get for the EOS Rebel series, providing this one doesn't go away any time soon. Not that I'm in a rush to get a new camera, mind you. I am still learning something new every day on the one I have. I'm still investing time and money in to it.