Monday, March 30, 2015

That moment when you lose an hour in web searching

I have a job where I transfer analogue film to digital devices. What that means, basically, is I push record on a DVD Recorder and play on a VCRvideo camera, or any other device that can plug into said recorder. Or, in the cases where I have to transfer movie film (reels) to the computer, I'm using a capture device that goes right into the computer and into Pinnacle Studio. I've worked on Studio 12 and 16, and there's somewhat of a major difference with both. But since I'm on two computers, I need two devices.... or so I thought.

When trying to research the specific Pinnacle brand adapter, I got lost in my typing today. Between the Kworld USB ATSC TV Tuner TV Tuners and Video Capture, the Blackmagic Design Intensity Extreme HDMI and Analog Capture & Playback Device - Thunderbolt, and Teradek Inc 10-0245 VidiU Camera-Top HDMI H.264 Encoder (this really looks neat - technology, man!), I didn't know what to do first. Part of me says "#want" to be able to try it out, but another part of me says "no way, can't afford it". I guess that's where my job can afford to get it for me? In a way, yes, but for the most part, no. I work in a small mom and pop store, where we don't always get a rush for video work.

Considering I am in Florida, it's snowbird country. That means this part of America's Wang only gets its economy boosted every November to April, unless you live here year round. It's a double edged sword on so many levels. But what are you gonna do? Better yet, what am I gonna do?

I'll continue to stay local (unless I can find somewhere else to go), stay current, transfer antiquated videos using current technology, and pray it all comes out okay.