Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Yet Another Day...

...where I've lost hours of my time at work, looking up gadgets, contraptions and accessories for all types of cameras. I even sit here at work, right now, typing this post and looking for neat things to take pictures with.

I've found it boils down to 2 "major" categories for the 21st century. Smartphone and DSLR. Both have equal goodies, but it seems like the phones are winning this race.

I've compiled a quick list, just of what I've found in the past day or so. All look really interesting and super neat. I know people who have gotten their hands on any number of these machines, so I can attest most things are valid. It becomes a #want | #jealous factor, but I truthfully have no room for them in my personal collection!

Smartphone wizardy:

note: I'm lumping all smartphones in this category, as most gadgets fit Android and Apple phones. There are a few that are phone specific, so make sure you check your model.

Swivl SW2782-SC Organize and Charge Bundle with Video and Audio - I used to work with someone who owns a similar product to this Swivl. He teaches camera classes where we work, and had bought this as an added bonus to his collection. He had used the item with his Droid camera phone, to make a promotional video of the store, so clients could see what we offered via our website. It also helped while he was teaching, so the students who wanted an extra one up on their friends, could use this little robot to capture party memories.

HISY Bluetooth Remote for Apple iPhone 4s/5/5c/5s/6/6 Plus - this remote switch comes in a variety of colors for your Apple phone. It works off the same premise as the bluetooth selfie stick, but there is no billy club in the picture. There is no 3rd party app involved either - it "tethers" itself on the bluetooth network with your phone. Let the two pair, and you're good to go on setting up a group shot, and have some fun. (I would suggest the Square Jellyfish Spring Tripod Mount for setting up shots - I actually own this product and love it. It makes life so easy and is truly pocket size).

iStabilizer ISTDL01 Smartphone Dolly - for the future directors. Set up the phone in the holder, and it's a "tore up from the floor up" video. Action sequences beware: Skateboarders would love this!

Videographer's Essentials Kit - exactly what is says - "essentials". It's a bracket system that allows you some mobility when putting a short video together, so you're not awkwardly standing there with your phone in someone's face. This allows you to respect the "3 foot space" rule.

Joby GripTight Smartphone Tripod Mount - to be used in conjunction with a tripod, this little guy grips the phone so that you don't have to worry about the picture being crooked or phone falling off any type of holders.

Fujifilm Instax Share Smartphone Portable Printer- I've heard people talk about this printer from Fuji. The brand is a respected brand as it is, and to be able to print your phone pictures now!  is a cool feature. Especially when "some of us" remember the Polaroid pictures... this would bring back some memories!

DSLR cameras:

Heavy Duty Photography L Bracket with 2 Standard Flash Hot Shoe Mounts - I recently acquired this little bracket system. I haven't had the opportunity to try it out fully yet, but from what I can tell, it's a great piece of equipment for my photo needs. It's sturdy and light weight, and I'm actually excited to try it.

Bescor LED-70 Dimmable 70W Video and DSLR Light - for those shoots where you have to rely on a steadier stream of light over the standard flash component on your camera. Works like a charm and is soft on the eyes.

Fotasy CokinProductKit40in1 Complete Square Filter Kit - I remember getting my hands on a filter kit in college. It was just sheets of colored plastic that would help "create a feel" when shooting in color. Now there's hundreds of different ways to add tone to the picture, and filters are still top on the list. This would be a great addition to a camera family...

58MM Professional Lens Filter Accessory Kit for CANON EOS Rebels... where as these just pop right onto your lens. Made specifically for the Canon Rebel series, it's something to keep in mind for when I need to upgrade my T3 to a T5 (although it's compatible with all the Rebels).

Nikon 1 J5 Mirrorless Camera w/ 10-30mm PD-ZOOM Lens (Silver) - I read that this Nikon is going to start setting the standard for the "point and shoot" / "point and shoot with lens adapter" / sefie generation. The mirrorless system is going to allow for a better range of detail and for those who want to take a quick solo snapshot, the LCD screen on the back will flip up and out for better control of that selfie. With WiFi capability, this camera can also send the photo to a nearby (home) printer. Or, in the case of my uncle, his smart phone (he was able to share photos of a party wirelessly with his phone, to then text everyone... he has a generic point and shoot that offers wifi).

For the most part, this has all been a hodge podge of items I've stumbled on over the past couple days. Nothing completely major and nothing really life changing. All things that can help me or any one else make the attempt at becoming a better photographer.

Hope it helps my readers!