Sunday, May 28, 2017

I'm on a boat!

This past Thursday, I got to audio tech a small meeting on the boat that my hotel owns. According to internet research (because I simply don't know all the information), the boat is a "100 foot private luxury yacht" that can comfortably "accommodate 120 passengers in two temperature controlled indoor upper and lower salons as well as two outside observation decks. A private salon in the bow seats 16". Sounds pretty swanky when you think about it. When you look at the boat, it looks pretty nice as well. It is definitely kept up, and people seem to like it, as it sails every day. 

The meeting I got to sit in on, was one of those marketing meetings, where they wine and dine you, and expect you to sign up for their company. This was for ophthalmologists and the new lenses that can be put in to frames. The woman was pretty energetic about what she does, and the entire spiel lasted 40 minutes. We got to set sail for over 3 hours and people got to enjoy their dinner, drinks, and a sunset to boot. 

You wouldn't believe the amount of people that go out on the deck when the sun starts touching the water. It's hard to imagine that humans have been on this planet for eons and yet the sign of a sun setting seems new. There's nothing wrong with it by any means; I usually take photos when I can. I then send them to my friends who can't enjoy the big bulb in the sky meeting Florida waters. I don't take it for granted; once you have seen one sunset, you've seen it all. It is just like snow - once you've seen the flurries, you've seen them all. Although, being down in America's Wang for so long, I miss the change of season. 

With regards to the sunset  (and the whole point of my post), I'm adding some picture videos today. Because I now have an iPhone 6S, I have the ability to do something called Live Photo. What that means is when you take a picture of something, it also takes a 2 second video (roughly). When you text it to someone (especially when it goes to another iPhone), all you do is hold down on the picture and it starts moving. I'm sure you've seen the ads on television when the 6 first came out. But since I'm new to the 6 game, Live Photos still allude me (they're neat as hell but it's still odd to use). They also save differently in the DCIM folder for when you want to pull them off your phone and onto your computer. It is saved in two parts - a photo and a video. Typically, photos (,jpg) and videos (.mov) are named "IMG_XXX" (the XXX is a number). With Live Photo, it's saved as "IMG_123.jpg" and "" (or whatever number your camera roll is on). 

I've taken two Live Photo pictures from the boat trip. I did use Pinnacle Studio 18 Ultimate to edit the still photo with the video, as well as try to match how it would look in a text message to someone (i.e. still photo to begin with, then when you hold down on the screen it moves [video] and then still photo again). 

Here's what I got:

(YouTube link is here)

(YouTube link is here)

Outside of trying my hand at Live Photos, I've also got a couple videos of both pre-sailing (a pelican's dive bomb) and sailing (3 pelicans by the Causeway).

While we were still docked, I had some time to look around. I happened to see a pelican waddle down the dock and stop close to where the boat is. I quickly grabbed my phone and started taking a video. Wait for the dive bomb at the end...

(YouTube link here)

Last but not least as far as videos are concerned, 3 pelicans hanging out on the causeway bridge. We had passed them on the way out to sea, and they were still waiting for us to return... hours later. I'm standing outside on the bow of the boat, watching life (and birds) pass me by. You'll see me pan over to my hotel at the end.

(YouTube link here)

My photo blog posts can not be complete with out actual still photos. All photos taken with an iPhone 6S and edited with Adobe Photoshop (just put my name on them... no other editing - WYSIWYG).

That's it; time to go home! 

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