Sunday, February 21, 2016

Looking, looking...

[I'm] Looking for water....

I have one of those RCA 4GB MP3 Players (which, according to Amazon, is no longer available. Sad face) hooked up into the USB port in my car (yes, I've got a fancy new car as of 2013... the type where Bluetooth is hooked up automatically and a standard 90 day trial of satellite radio). On this player, I've got a mash of new and old music, including three of the last four David Bowie albums (only one I haven't digitized, or at least copied over to the device, is Reality).

There is a track on Reality, called "Looking For Water". It's one of those slightly heavy on the drum padding (thanks, Sterling), call and comeback chorus, and slightly ADHD upbeat tempo. I think even Mr. Madeloni's (Earl Slick) slow and early riffs make the tune an easy target for constant repeat. It's low and mellow enough that you can still point it out from Gail Ann Dorsey's bass and even Gerry Leonard's guitar. I've been trying to pin point each artist on the tracks, and know from seeing some of the live hows, Gerry starts a lot of the songs from Heathen and Reality. Although, I could be confusing the two men, still.

At any rate, there's a song on The Next Day that reminds me of Looking For Water. But of course, as I sit here and type this long and arduous post, I can't remember which song it was. Guess living among the grey hairs have done a number on my brain. It doesn't help when I can't stop my car and write the song title down, and working an 8+ hour shift makes me forget by the end of the day.

Yes, I said "an 8+ hour shift" because it's the new year, and I've got a new job. I've gone back to my roots and got a (better?) audio visual job with an event company. The company works with a lot of the major hotels across the world, and makes companies sparkle. One of the first major events I got to help with, was lighting a ballroom for the Super Bowl. We had made one wall blue and silver for the Panthers, and orange and blue for the Broncos. Three 9x16 foot projector screens in the room, and the main one was put on trusses, to look like an end zone / goal posts. It was pretty neat. There have been smaller events I have done lighting for (purple for a wedding [it was the bridesmaids dress color] in a 360 degree "look out at the water" room) and a small cocktail and dinner hour blue back lit room for a small company. Slowly but surely, I'm getting back into what I have a degree in.

It's not such a great picture, but at least it shows what I'm doing. I took this on my boss' Canon EOS Rebel T4i DSLR, and he likes to shoot in RAW mode. I had to convert it into a jpeg so I can add my watermark on it. It's a nice camera, I have to admit, solely because it is the next upgrade to my T3. The touchscreen interface is nice, but I'm so used to just looking into the view finder and shooting, that I don't even rely on the screen that my T3 has. However, using this camera for a couple hours, I think I want to wait until the T6 price comes down a little (at least by $550), before I do any more camera moving. Why spend the money to upgrade one level higher, when there have been three models made, since I bought mine? *Shrugs*

Proof or it didn't happen: