Thursday, December 3, 2009

Boom! For Real!

Checkup day number...

aw, who GIVES a SHIT!?

Do you realise that the end of this month will mark 3 years I've been posting here? Fuck me Friday, time flew! What's up with that?! Look at all the excuses and updates I've made.... progess!!

I've been busy here. Excuses, excuses, right? ::rolls eyes:: Between house falling apart and doing more re-writes, I've not had time to update this thing. I'm contemplating not doing anymore updates on the story here. Sorry. I'm focusing more on paper edits, rather then uploads. I'll still keep this blog open, but do more blogs based on other life hassles. The upload process and remembering to do it, is what is keeping me away from actually keeping this thing up.

Don't worry... don't sleep on me. I'll update when I can, and if I feel frisky enough, I'll post another update on the story.

Be well this holiday season, and I'll see ya'll on the flip side :)

Saturday, November 14, 2009



I've been promising an upload, I know. But after I finished my last edit, I stopped for 2 weeks and took a breather. I'm currently editing again. I can't seem to stop. It's bloody well addicting!

At any rate, there's another edit in the works, and my buddy Q-Tip received a care package from me - the current edit of the story. Yea, you guys deserve it too, but look how many versions of it are already on here. In due time, ya'll will get it.

I just hope I can work on the sequel next. I started reading it last night because I needed some inspiration to keep editing. All I have to say, is hot damn. I must have been flying on something because it's so close to home with the bantering and ranting with certain people... got damn...

Right on. I've got to get going so catch ya'll on the flip.

Peace and Cheers

Thursday, August 27, 2009

People of Berlin...

No, it's not the JFK Berlin speech, but I just wanted to say Rest In Peace Teddy. Everyone, everywhere has been commenting on Sen. Kennedy's passing and although he is currently in repose at his brother's library (John F Kennedy Library and Musuem), he will be buried in Arlington within the next few days. People in town were blogging they saw the cars go past them, heads down, as to say silent prayers for the family.
[see a link...]

For the older generation(s) they can attest to where they've been when JFK was assassinated. Some can remember Bobby. while the middle generation can remember John-John's plane go down, "my" generation can say where they were when Eunice and Teddy passed.

I say "my" because people my age may not think of something like a Kennedy passing as historical, but it's something to remember. Something to tell the children and grandchildren one day. Once the fucked up "normalities" of life are broken and we all can just get along. But that'll be the day, right? Haha.

Anyway, again, hearts go out to the Kennedy clan and much respect goes with it....

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ripped from the headlines!

Not so much ripped per se, but I figure that as much (or little) chance I get to read MOJO magazine, I'd do my own All Back To My Place - taken from their question and answer section to celebrities in the beginning of the magazine.
What music are you currently grooving

I found a kareoke disc on my desk, It has various pop and rock songs on it. Called "Party Volume 2 Disc 2". One track I started singing was The Lion Sleeps Tonight by the Tokens. Call it on my age or generation, but I know this version sung by Timon and Pumbaa in The Lion King. I giggle a bit when I hear it.

What, if push comes to shove, is your all-time favourite album?

It's a tough call, considering I love David
Bowie. Of all the albums I have, I'd have to say either Aladdin Sane or Hunky Dory because the image on the cover of Aladdin has always caught my eye, and I like 'Quicksand' and 'Kooks' on Hunky Dory.

What was the first record you ever bought? And where did you buy it?

The first CD I bought was Boyz II Men in the mid 90s at Wal-Mart. I bought it the same day I bought a CD player ("boom box"). I came into CDs a bit late in life, and only had cassettes and vinyl
growing up. I still prefer it that way too.

Which musician, other then yourself, have you ever wanted to be?

Gee, that's a hard one! Haha. Bowie or Marc Bolan. Maybe a little Elton John.

What do you sing in the shower?

I sing whatever comes to mind; whether it be 60s pop or something I've recently heard on the radio.

What is your favourite Saturday night

Saturday nights, when I get them, are spent listening to A Prairie Home Companion and watching the New England Revolution play. I've not the time to listen to records lately.

And your Sunday morning record?

When I'm in my car, I've found myself listening to Acoustic Sunrise on a local radio station. I love some acoustic melodies, and will spend the duration of the program listening to it.

Right on! (or, Write On!)

Anyway, I've found myself starting in the predicament I've not wanted to be in. After my post yesterday, I felt the tingle of brooding. I've surpassed it for the moment, but am trying not to continue that phase. I want to finish editing, and have aspirations of doing so. Eventually.

Look for more posts to come.