Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"Get your head out of the oven..."

Hey ya'll... been a while, huh. Things have happened and time got lost. I will say this, however: There were moments that I almost picked up the story again, but I didn't have a computer, so I couldn't. My laptop decided to take a massive dump and the monitor broke. According to the Geek Squad, I've also lost my motherboard. Yet, the computer still runs. Poor Davey :'(

So I had to get a new laptop and now I'm slowly learning Windows 7. Between constantly having to restart this thing (freezes non stop... "not responding") and having to Mickey Mouse some XP programmes on here, I'm adament and leary about using it. The new MS Word is weird to me. This whole OS is weird to me. I welcome suggestions and hints on how to work it, though! So going back to my original thought process: not fully understanding the new Word has made me put off re-writing. I so would have written more, or re-wrote, but this technology has put me off. Shame, innit.

The other thing, relating to the story is this: The old man has a current copy. Ya'll know him as Eddie in the story. The man who kept insisting that I continue the mind rape of innocent victims. I am not sure on his liking of it yet. He hasn't responded back to any emails. But I know he has it. Just don't know if it's all read. But I shall keep an update!

Besides a new computer and a lack of story, life is pretty much on target for 2012's failure of a world ending. Arguments are still being held for how exactly we're gonna go, but my bet is that the solar flares and asteroids and what have you won't happen. It's going to be like the Mellinium scare of 2000 / Y2k when people thought the world was going to end then too. We survived, right? So we'll survive then as well. But fear not, there will be more postings before then!

Bis dann und Cheers,