Sunday, January 30, 2011

Grr... Arrr...

I'm always up for trying a new radio station online whilst sitting down in The Dungeon. I figured I would give Yahoo Music, via the Yahoo Messanger, a try. All that you need to do is have messanger installed, and click on their plug-in app. Various applications come up - music, profiler, ebay, games; things that Yahoo thinks you might like. So I clicked on the music app and decided what "station" to listen to. Wow, they got an assortment! From local news streams (WBZ 1030AM) to more genre specific streams ("Cougar Music").

Wait... did I just type that correctly? Did I just read that correctly?? Yahoo streams a station called Cougar Music?! What the duece? «scratches head»

It seems that the aforementioned station does not include songs in the key of growls or anyone with the word Cougar in their name (enter Johnny Cougar Mellencamp here), but this particular stream takes its namesake from the older-woman-meets-younger-man, 'cougar'. I couldn't believe it until I started listening to it. The music played on this application are songs that older women might enjoy (although, honestly, does a 50 year old woman want to get down and dirty with a 21 year old man with the song Pour Some Sugar On Me by Def Leppard? Tell me now if I'm wrong). In the past 24 random hours I've had this playing, I've heard Gravity by John Mayer, Everyday is a Winding Road by Sheryl Crow, the previously mentioned Pour Some Sugar On Me, Out of Touch by Hall & Oates, and everything in between. I didn't realise this was a glorified AOR station playing to the older (women) masses.

Have we seriously failed as a culture, when an internet radio station names their stream after a term that is responsible for glorifying the age old May-December romance? Sure, you got your cougars (old women seeks [much] younger men), your panthers (old men seeking [much] younger women), and everything in between, but must we really need to make money on it? I'm not knocking what someone might choose to date, but society seems rightly screwed if businesses are now capitalising on these groups of people. Just leave it alone and keep the music lumped in their original category!

just my 2 cents...


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Zelda was here

Last night I got a little bored. I went thru all my old posters I bought in college and got rid of the ones that were so torn up and taped back together, that they aren't even worth the 5 -10 dollars I spent on them ten years ago.

I completely forgot I had several different Bowie ones, among the Marilyn Monroe one in "pristine condition" (and to quote my mother, "Only you would use 'pristine' to describe it.' Having retorted back with "what, pristine to describe Marilyn or the fact the poster is still in good shape? She still looks damn good for being buried for almost 50 years." The topic was then dropped after laughing it off).

But the main point of this entry is not to tell ya'll what I found and threw out, but to give ya some wisdom for the day. One of the best posters I kept was an English Bulldog named Zelda. That pup has to be one of the most known dogs now. She's got her own line of everything out. Check out the website here. The poster I had was

Had Milk... want beer
 I thought that was the best poster I had ever seen. There are others on the site.Check it out. You might dig it.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011


So I'm checking the stats on who's visted this blog, and to find out, I'm listed in several other people's blogs. People of whom I don't even know. If I didn't check the stats, I'd not see the links to my blog in movie review sites or web editions in foreign countries. They are getting me some viewings, but they're also not giving me a heads up. I know I've posted videos from Youtube and pictures I've scanned, but I've elaborated on them and given credit. So I ask, the next time a "fellow blogger" links me in theirs, please leave me a comment and tell me!

And you'll notice I've taken all edits down from this site. There is no more radio edition....

As the snow flys...

We live in an age where technology rules the roost, right? Media companies are rushing to get news out to the masses on a timely basis. However, too many times do papers put an online edition out and not double check their facts (or in the case of the attached picture, grammar and spelling).

I am in no part immune to the mis spells and bad grammar. I've had my fair share of red squiggles in my documents, but at least I'm not getting paid to write (and further upload) pivotal information.

Massachusetts is expecting another storm tonight and into tomorrow. Up to 16 inches in some places, maybe more. So throughout this morning, news agents have been reporting on various degrees of change - weather patterns, current delays/closings, who is expected to get what, and the list goes on.

The Brockton Enterprise and it's sister paper, The Patriot Ledger have had up to date information today. Side links go to reputable TV stations such as WCVB Channel 5. From there, you'll find more in depth articles. However, The Ledger posted the following on their site, just two hours ago.

I, in no way, am affiliated with any of the papers or TV stations. Just wanted to pass on some (bad) information. Notice the headline and how the phone number appears. I've only taken out the advert that appears on the left (that blank box). The link to the actual page can be found here.

(click on the picture to see it bigger)


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Lay the real thing on me....

Today is Elvis Presley's birthday. But when the clock struck midnight, an omen occurred. It did not just strike 12 times, it made an extra one for good measure. Today, 8 January 1947, a Britsh hip shaker was born. That cat's name is David Bowie.

Happy birthday, ya old git.

Promise her roses...

Last night, I said I would upload the photo today of the letter I recieved from the State. I followed the link that is provided on this form, and although it says you can use this card to get cash at merchants and use it to purchase items, it says nothing about bills. So my take is they WANT you to be foreclosed on! That's just my immediate thought - what about bills? How are you gonna pay for your water bill if you've spent your check on a new outfit? Yea, people do that, but this site doesn't fully explain the new service...

Until next time, America...

Friday, January 7, 2011

Something's brewing...

I've got a picture loaded on another computer, that I've been meaning to upload for the past two days. It's all a matter of the state of our (local) government. How technologically advanced our culture has gotten over the past decade.

I recieved a letter from the State regarding changes in filing for unemployment (yes, I'm currently on the dole). This letter wasn't about being accepted or denied, but rather how you recieve your benefits. No longer do we have to wait in a bread line or at City Hall. We are in the age of computers and internet ready phones. We can get our checks either mailed to us or direct deposited in to whatever bank account we choose. I've always chosen the former. I've learned my lesson from previous jobs that require one to solely direct deposit. Not only was I withdrawing money on a weekly basis, I was a tad leary about the process of never seeing a live check. At any rate, back to this letter. Instead of getting a (live) check from the State, your options are either direct deposit or a Mastercard Debit card. Options were live check or DD. They cut out the middle man (you going to the bank) now. The options are them directly putting the money in your bank, or you getting a debit card with the money on it.

Now, forgive my lack of knowing how debit cards work, but doesn't the word debit card defeat the purpose of saving or using a check to pay a bill? How will this transaction be used to go into a checking account, let's say, and then be turned over to pay the electricity bill? Yea, you can use a credit card to pay bills now a days and people use their bank's ATM cards all the time online, but I'd think that this card will make people spend their cash on useless things, rather then necessities. People see another card they can swipe at the mall and not worry about paying it off because the money came not from their hands, but the government's pocket.

Call me naive, call me stupid in my thinking, but I don't understand why this is the new way to pay the unemployed. It's like asking all hell to break loose and never expect a lick paid back. More people are going to wind up on the streets because they went hog wild with this debit card and bought unnecessities, than what we've currently got in the foreclosure market.

It just doesn't make sense...

I'll upload the photo tomorrow. Maybe someone can help me make ends of it...

Til then,

Monday, January 3, 2011

It's like the veil is lifted

It's been warm enough for the start of the new year, that the (last) Great Blizzard of 2010 has started to fade away. Between Saturday being in the upper 50s (we're talking close to 60) and Sunday being in the low to mid 50s, the snow is going through a drastic change. Not to mention that Sunday brought an unbelievable amount of fog. It was like the sky decided to white (or gray) wash every view, 360 degrees round. It was simply amazing, because at one point, one could not see 10 feet in front of them. I was out in the driveway, trying to get some of the leftover ice remnants off the gravel, and a car drove by. As soon as it got five feet from me, I lost it to the mist. I heard the car, but could not see it. The grand total of hours spent with reduced visibility: around 10. Give or take what happened through out the night.



Sunday, January 2, 2011

Come, Dick, Come

So a family friend called this morning, and I wished her a Happy New Year. We started talking about Dick Clark doing the Rockin' New Years Eve show this year - how he didn't fobb up, and she didn't realise he still did it. I said that as long as he can say some form of "Happy New Year", Ryan Seacrest says "Come, Dick, Come". So (Strokin') Dick Clark comes.

It's bad, I know. I should be shot at dawn. But you know, sometimes it's best to make light of certain situations. May you get to live out the rest of your life in happiness and peace, Mr Clark. It's all in good humour. :)


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Ooh... caught in a bad romance...

Have you ever heard a song done so well, so often, that it gets stuck in your head at the most awful moments? I'm not a Lady Gaga fan by any means, but I was watching the NBC music show, Sing Off, last month and a group from the University of Oregon called On The Rocks sang Bad Romance.

This song went viral on Youtube prior to their being on the show. I can see why. They are quite a good a capella ensemble. Unfortunately, the judges voted them out about 2 episodes in (out of the 5 total episodes). It's too bad, but like that jazz ensemble (Groove For Thought), OTR are a one trick pony. They are good, but they tend to perform on the flashy side. Not that it's a bad thing. On The Rocks is just one of those groups that make you realise the hand is quicker than the eye. Too many bells and whistles come with them and it pushes away from the actual music.Not knowing any more about OTR, and basing my thoughts from watching the show alone, it feels like On The Rocks are good enough to do weddings, Bar Mitzvahs and other parties, but not so much to make a valid wave in the music industry. I can see them being a one hit wonder and no more. The album would run off the shelves in no time, but they wouldn't be able to make a sequel on the same caliber or even wave length as their premiere. It's a shame, but I am glad that they were on the show. The winners were 6 church boys from Alabama (Committed) and they did a great job, for only knowing gospel prior to the show.

Nip out OTR's Bad Romance:

more information about The Sing-Off: Sing Off via NBC

Happy Dew Year

No, it's not an advert for that radioactive green coloured soda pop, but it's a Happy New Year 2011 wish! Dick Clark wished everyone a Happy Dew Year for 2010 and it just went south from there. Seeing how the man can't speak right because of his stroke, his words come out fobbed. So he wished the rockin' world a dew year. Whatever that means. Ya, his stroke prohibits any good speech patterns as well as counting properly; so maybe it's time to put the horse down.... for the good of Dick Clark and humanity.

I'm not ragging on him, by any means. Just maybe he should start sending taped messages from home now, ones that Ryan Seacrest can air at some point. Clark is an icon, yes, but there's only so much you can do with him now. Let the kids take over, Mr Clark, and enjoy what years you have left with your family.

For everyone else, Happy New Year 2011. May it all be prosperous and fun!!