Friday, April 14, 2017

Who knew Dexter could sing?

Especially on Broadway?

I recently picked up the original cast recording of Lazarus and have listened to it just a couple times. I still can't bring myself to listen to a lot of recordings, original or not *. Nor can I visit a lot of the old fora that I used to - TW currently being defunct does not count; it's been dying a slow death for years. It's still hard to swallow that pill, some 15 months later. I know it's time to move on, but there was always something that could be relied upon, knowing the possibility of a new album being dropped. Even knowing there are plenty of CDs at my reach that I can pop in my laptop and jam to, without questioning life with new eyes. With  being the last "major" thing put out, it seems odd to see all the "rare" songs released in new form (see The Gouster and Tired Of My Life**). Someone is trying to make a quick buck and I'm sure the family doesn't need the money.

But at any rate, the whole reason for tonight's post: the aforementioned Lazarus. I was in the gym tonight when the MP3 roulette shot out the first song off of the album (Hello Mary Lou (Goodbye Heart)). Second song is Dexter Michael C. Hall belting the title track (which he does a decent job with, truth be told). As I biked through the song, I came to realize how unedited the song felt. Meaning, there are points in the production where Mr. Hall and the orchestra sound unfinished / not properly smoothed out. The moments I'm talking about are a small faction of times when MCH finishes singing and the horns come in blaring. It's like Hall is faded out and the brass and woodwind sections jump in and do their bleating. Another way I can possibly describe it is that it sounds like MCH was in a recording booth and the orchestra was added later, or they were in the next room and felt like playing whenever they wanted.

I honestly can't really describe it without trying to offend people. I'm doing the best I can at being polite and getting my thoughts out. I just can't wrap my head around the couple parts in the song that sounded so not finished. That's as best as I can really explain it - "unfinished". I am definitely going to have to listen to it again, perhaps with different headphones, because some live YouTube recordings seem more smoothed out... like the crew had more time to rehearse for the various guest appearances on the TV shows.

It's really mind boggling and I know I shouldn't have to apologize if my opinion offends or confuses anyone. Everyone is entitled to hold conversations about life itself, and as I stumble through this entry, I am thinking I need to re-listen to the song again and try again.

The truth is, it just bothered me that there are parts of the song that makes it appear rushed. Someone wasn't paying much attention to the final edit and making transitions run smoothly. If in fact the day of recording, Michael C Hall was in one room and the orchestra was in another, the two recordings weren't dubbed correctly. It seems like Hall is recorded at a lower (softer) volume than the band. Even when the two are synced together and Hall sings over the orchestra, he's softer in places.

More reason he sounds like he's bursting his vocal cords belting out the lyrics than just cruising through the song at a steady pace. Maybe he's still in Hedwig mode, maybe not. I can't make excuses for him nor can I make excuses for the album. The rest of the songs seem decent, but the more I listen to the rest of them, the more it really sounds rushed. Like, my throat hurts just listening some of the screaming. Hall can sing, I can assure anyone reading this, as he proves it with most of the album, but there is a slight... erm... what do they call it? Screecher music? No... screamer music? It's that genre where alt rock / death metal  / metal singers scream out their lyrics in a guttural fashion... Some points of the album sound like this. You know... uh, growlers (not the glasses that beer comes in). It's not those deep growlers you hear in underground mosh pitters, but a more main stream scream match, I suppose.

I really don't know, truth be told. I have to listen to the album in its entirety and rethink my stance on it. But for now, I think I'm going to lay the issue to rest and figure out my next big move.


* See Also (via Amazon):
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** The Gouster is part of the Who Can I Be Now? [1974 - 1976] multi album release. Tired Of My Life was the original form to It's No Game. Tired Of My Life is not found on Amazon. I know I've seen a Youtube video...

Yes, I know I have issues. Thanks for sharing.