Monday, October 29, 2012

I need a senior friend...

Maybe just need to "find an adult"!

It seems that all the advertisements I see lately, are for religious mingling, match making and harmonic meetings. Now, the more I peruse social networks, the more I'm finding people over 40 need to find love as well. Call it my ISP hacking into my computer, the fact I happen to live "in God's waiting room" (aka Florida), or I'm just getting inundated with the grey hairs wanting to find love.

Case in point:

And yes, you too, can find a friend or love for just 10 dollars a month!

Trust me, I've tried those sites myself - the fishy one, the religious one.... that's the only time I paid for a service - the one for my faith. Sorry, I'm ye of little one, so after a month I cut them off. I wasn't paying $$ to message kids I knew from my youth group years. I'm not into that aspect of organised crime, thank you very much. When I swam in the ocean, I met a couple of guys; one of whom I actually went out with for 5 months before calling it off. Wasn't meant to be. That site too, although free, is not for me. A (guy) friend of mine actually raised a good point. He ended up creating a profile for himself and went trolling. He mentioned that all he saw, especially from people our age, were girls wanting rich guys to take them out, treat them nice, and oh, by the way: take care of they kids too. All the "women" he was seeing, had 1, 2, 5 kids already, and they are either a decade younger then us, or a couple years older. All wanting to be gold diggers and new baby daddies. Although not every woman is like that, look hard enough on these sites and you'll find alot have that in common. Or at least have child(ren). Same goes with the boys. Single fathers, barely making ends meet because they have custody of their kids, they pay child support and see the kid once a month, something. It's an interesting world we are living in now - people trying to find happiness on the internet, yet, have so much baggage.

Maybe as you grow older and want "a friend", you lose more inhibitions, but your baggage is lessened simply because you're of the age where your children are taken care of and they don't really need another parent.

Who knows; maybe I can sneak my way into the golden years crowd.....


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Yearly Update

Last year, I made a post regarding the anti abortionists picketing in front of the Planned Parenthood. 

Well, they've slowly re surfaced over the past week and a half. I saw them almost two weeks ago, on a Thursday. There were only 3 people picketing the corner at this time. Yesterday, there were about a 14. Today, more or less the same. My camera caught 12. Who knows how many were getting coffee or more signs. 

I think that it's one of those flukes where there is very heavy car and foot traffic, and PP just happens to be at that corner. My cousin stated after I showed her the video, that people are out now, protesting, because it's an election year, and a certain Mormon presidential candidate is anti abortion. I see the point, but I choose to think otherwise. 

I mean, seriously, the proof is in my posting from last year. It was not an election year, and it was around this time I posted the query about why there were so many people out there. Like I said, there will be dozens in the weeks to come, sitting in lawn chairs and having a couple cold drinks, holding signs that tell the local citizens that they're going to hell for approving this. 

My writing and video, is in no way shape or form giving the okay that I'm for (or against) abortions. I'm just pointing out the facts as I see them, and that I find it oddly interesting that this many "good people" are choosing to deny a person their civil right to choose a freedom (of sorts)? It's not Joe or Jane that can tell Tammy she can or can not have a baby. Hell, the dude that got Tammy pregnant might not be able to tell her what to do! It's her choice. Don't ruin it "for the voters" or for the public because you want your freedom of speech to detour traffic out of a company, all for what it has to offer.