Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas is over (or: a little bit of quiet "urban" exploration)?

Well, not quite. Some people are still sleeping, while others are in to tomorrow already (we call them "future humans).

I for one, am glad all the Christmas music can finally slow down to finally stop, and the decorations can be put away for another year. I may sound like I'm rushing "one of the more important holidays of the year", but sorry (not sorry) for those who celebrate; I don't. Although I did make my little journey out this morning for the annual holiday pictures.

Clouds were looking a bit on the snowy side for Florida. As I keep telling people, the minute we get snow down here, Hell has officially frozen over, ten fold. It is what it is, I suppose. Places this week are having weird weather patterns - I heard on one of the radio news stations yesterday morning that "the big island of Hawaii" was under a blizzard warning and advisory. The mountain region was expected to get blasted by snow... a bit unusual to hear or see, I gather. I don't know much about the area, but from talking with other people at dinner last night, the island shouldn't see snow? Also heard on the radio: one of the tornado belt states got a few twisters to drop down and do some damage. They allegedly get cones all year round, but to do it on (or near) Christmas hasn't been done in quite some time. Most of the day (yesterday), main drags in Boston were under flooding waters, as high tide and warm air brought way too much water to a part of the city. Thanks to global warming, we've got an awesome century in front of us!