Thursday, June 10, 2010

Right on.

Okay, so anyone still out there reading this, will notice something's gone fishy. Fear not. My post have "disappeared". Well, not exactly. I removed the story from the site - all the back logs from 2006 - present, leaving 1 edition up, which is most likely the current edition. Too many places. So yea, I er, realise I took down history (first chapter was from 12/2006), but the thing has been shelved for a while now. So there's no point in re hashing life about it or keeping it here at the moment. Ya'll have read it, and I know there are people itching for more. I'm in the point now, in my life, where I can focus on more writing, but honestly can't upload it at the moment. Between losing my mind to this drama called my story and not wanting the festering pile of mood swings that follow, I'd prefer to let sleeping dogs lie. But like I say, don't sleep on me. I'll keep my blog updated with news and rants, just not the story, unless deemed necessary.

So until the next time, America.

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