Friday, March 7, 2014

A bit of an employment conundrum

I get a (somewhat) daily email from Monster, letting me know about places that are hiring in my area. It spans a 50 mile radius.

Today's round goes to a "company confidential" in the Naples area. I would apply, as it's for an administrative assistant position. My only beef is the fact the advert states "*Please DO NOT reply to this ad if you have no experience".

The contradiction to this?

Job Type
Part Time
Years of Experience
1+​ to 2 Years
Education Level
High School or equivalent

It's being promoted as a 30-35 hour job, basic secretarial functions. HOW , if you only need one year experience, should you not apply if you "have no experience"? Do you work for a construction company for a year or two, quit, and then apply to this one? It makes no sense.

I receive this ad every other week, and each time, it boggles my mind. I don't have experience in the construction field, but that doesn't mean I lack the minimum requirements for sorting the mail and answering the phones. Can we maybe ask for this to be re-worded? Like, "Please do not reply if you have less than 5 years experience" and make the Years Of Experience "5 or more".

Sounds legit to me....


Back to House of Cards. Peace out.