Thursday, January 27, 2011

Zelda was here

Last night I got a little bored. I went thru all my old posters I bought in college and got rid of the ones that were so torn up and taped back together, that they aren't even worth the 5 -10 dollars I spent on them ten years ago.

I completely forgot I had several different Bowie ones, among the Marilyn Monroe one in "pristine condition" (and to quote my mother, "Only you would use 'pristine' to describe it.' Having retorted back with "what, pristine to describe Marilyn or the fact the poster is still in good shape? She still looks damn good for being buried for almost 50 years." The topic was then dropped after laughing it off).

But the main point of this entry is not to tell ya'll what I found and threw out, but to give ya some wisdom for the day. One of the best posters I kept was an English Bulldog named Zelda. That pup has to be one of the most known dogs now. She's got her own line of everything out. Check out the website here. The poster I had was

Had Milk... want beer
 I thought that was the best poster I had ever seen. There are others on the site.Check it out. You might dig it.