Sunday, January 30, 2011

Grr... Arrr...

I'm always up for trying a new radio station online whilst sitting down in The Dungeon. I figured I would give Yahoo Music, via the Yahoo Messanger, a try. All that you need to do is have messanger installed, and click on their plug-in app. Various applications come up - music, profiler, ebay, games; things that Yahoo thinks you might like. So I clicked on the music app and decided what "station" to listen to. Wow, they got an assortment! From local news streams (WBZ 1030AM) to more genre specific streams ("Cougar Music").

Wait... did I just type that correctly? Did I just read that correctly?? Yahoo streams a station called Cougar Music?! What the duece? «scratches head»

It seems that the aforementioned station does not include songs in the key of growls or anyone with the word Cougar in their name (enter Johnny Cougar Mellencamp here), but this particular stream takes its namesake from the older-woman-meets-younger-man, 'cougar'. I couldn't believe it until I started listening to it. The music played on this application are songs that older women might enjoy (although, honestly, does a 50 year old woman want to get down and dirty with a 21 year old man with the song Pour Some Sugar On Me by Def Leppard? Tell me now if I'm wrong). In the past 24 random hours I've had this playing, I've heard Gravity by John Mayer, Everyday is a Winding Road by Sheryl Crow, the previously mentioned Pour Some Sugar On Me, Out of Touch by Hall & Oates, and everything in between. I didn't realise this was a glorified AOR station playing to the older (women) masses.

Have we seriously failed as a culture, when an internet radio station names their stream after a term that is responsible for glorifying the age old May-December romance? Sure, you got your cougars (old women seeks [much] younger men), your panthers (old men seeking [much] younger women), and everything in between, but must we really need to make money on it? I'm not knocking what someone might choose to date, but society seems rightly screwed if businesses are now capitalising on these groups of people. Just leave it alone and keep the music lumped in their original category!

just my 2 cents...