Sunday, March 22, 2015

Photography's technology

Photography keeps changing. Every day a new type of lens comes out for a digital camera body kit. Old kits are becoming discontinued as quickly as point and shoots are being produced with easy smartphone access. 35mm film cameras have gone by the wayside as you rarely can find film in stores, as it's all online. Try developing that roll - you can't. What do you do? Do an internet search on a major "retailer" site that is currently taking big box stores off the market.

That's why I still love my old Canon Rebel 35mm film camera. It's been a discontinued model for years already, and I'm learning the Rebel T3 DSLR I bought only 3 years ago is another Canon model that has sadly disappeared. That's okay; it looks like the Canon EOS Rebel T5 could be the next upgrade I get for the EOS Rebel series, providing this one doesn't go away any time soon. Not that I'm in a rush to get a new camera, mind you. I am still learning something new every day on the one I have. I'm still investing time and money in to it.

Like the Canon EF 75-300mm f/4-5.6 III USM Telephoto Zoom Lens, for example. I was on a local Florida beach last night, and would not have gotten the depth of color nor the sailboat on the Gulf, had it not been for this lens.

You could have seen the boat from where I was standing, using a regular lens, but I think the fun of capturing moments is trying out the extras you have. Put the camera on "landscape" mode, attach the zoom, and off you go. Sailboat perfectly off center, people in the shadows still having fun and enjoying life at that moment. Sure, it's gearing the end of spring break on the beach, but there's no reason to be a downer by taking generic pictures.

(as opposed to this next one, with just the regular kitted lens)

It's funny; for not having a wide angle lens, I do have a habit of calling the regular lens "my wide angle". It's just a basis of comparison for all those zoomed in photos I take.

The other neat little piece of this camera: The fact it can take such great videos. I don't always use the video aspect of it, so when I do, I forget that the lens has to be on manual focus (MF), not auto focus (AF) or the video is blurry.

Point proven:

Again, using last night's venture there was a section called "Times Square|Fort Myers". It's Southwest Florida's answer to New York's party people. At least, that's what I've been told. Therefore, bands are on the patio all the time. Mix that with human statues, plenty of stores and restaurants, and you have yourself a reason not to leave the area.

Some area band of the moment had a little girl singing with them. I arrived just as she was hollering out "Jolene", a song originally made famous by Dolly Parton (so I just quickly web searched... I knew I recognized the song). I have to say, the girl can rock it.. she's got some pipes that don't do justice on this video.

Reason to go manual (number 2):

The band ending Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline"(which has become a Red Sox favorite) and going right into The Proclaimer's "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)":

This video was taken at least 100 feet away, with me sitting at a local restaurant. It shows you how good the quality can be if you focus a little and let the camera do its thing.

All in all, would I trade my seemingly innocent allegiance with Canon into another brand or product? Honestly, probably not, as I have gotten fond of my Rebels and will continue purchasing them and their add ons until the ends of the Earth (or: the Earth becomes a square. We all know it's rectangular). Would I trade this life in Florida for anything else? That answer has yet to be determined.