Friday, September 23, 2011

Money don't grow on trees!

What? So how do we get our paper to print the bills? The ink, I know, comes from various sources - nature and man made. But bills? Okay.

Anyway, there's been a song floating around, Ain't No Rest For The Wicked, by Cage The Elephant. It's not "new" per se, seeing how it came out a couple years ago. If you don't know it, see the following video:


Whilst finding the video for the song, I came across someone's rap version, Ain't No Weed For the Wicked. It's LilSneezy rapping. Whoever he may be. It's creatively remixed, and well done, but it's funny as hell. Yes, like one of the annotations states, it's another weed song.

Hear, hear, pass....

oh, and I do suggest you nip out Sneezy's mixtape. I'm not endorsing it by any means, but try it.