Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Just write

I am not one to constantly fly the equality flag, every chance that is given. People know my opinions and they accept it. I have friends of all colours, creeds, religious, and sexual orientation, and I don't mind. What I mind, is like a lot of people, the PDA that goes over board. I do not mind the occasional kiss or hand holding, but when it becomes a pay per view special and I need to rent a sleezy motel room, then it is an issue. You know the type - back to the wall in a strip mall or movie theatre, going full blown where you ask yourself why aren't their clothes off yet. That, I have an issue with.

But that's not the point of this entry.

Like every morning, when I can, I read what's on the wire. Today's interesting hurried news comes out of celebrity juice once again. I am still amazed that AP doesn't read everything before it's submitted to go out. There are no wrongly spelled words in this piece, just that the need to know information is misplaced. 'L-Word' star kisses girl, gets escorted off plane True as it may be, Yahoo has provided the link, but it's still an Associated Press item.

The thing I don't agree with, is the fact that the opening sentence about Leisha Hailey has information not relevant to said "need to know".
A lesbian actress who starred in "The L-Word" said she kissed a girl — and got escorted off of a Southwest Airlines flight on Monday for doing it

I know my statement is contradictory. It is (maybe not so) pivotal information that the actress is indeed a lesbian (I thought she was bisexual in her last outing statement?) , because she was kissing her girlfriend, but it does not need to open the article. There are so many other ways that this piece could have been written. Saying she is a lesbian is good measure, but that could have been done somewhere down the page (like where it talks about her role as Alice Pieszecki on The L Word).

I don't know; maybe it's the English major in me, wanting to cite wrongful musings in badly written wire copies. Maybe I've just over thought the whole ordeal and should commend Ms. Hailey for doing what was natural - showing her significant other some love and because it got her removed from an airplane. But it shows that you really fly anywhere these days if you feel your lover deserves a "peck on the cheek" or that your drawars are a bit saggy.

Guess terrorism is #winning.... Thank you.


e2a: 4pm 27/9/2011: there has been an update with the situation. Seems someone actually wrote a better copy!! Airline: 'L Word' star removed for excessive kiss