Friday, September 23, 2011

Tag... you're it

Ok, second in a row post about music. First if you're seeing this now (make sure you check out today's other post).

Since I am doing a rap theme, I have to endorse the crossbreed emcee named Knothead. He's a "hardcore, metal-laced hip-hop" cat out of the Pacific Northwest (that's the Washington State, Oregon and British Columbia (Canada) area, for all you geographically challenged).

The dude is dope, I must say. That's if you're into a variant of horrorcore and screachers (growlers). He had originally found me (me!) on Twitter, and he is not one of those artists who thinks they are too good for people. Knothead is one honest guy and takes the time to tweet you back with real answers if you question him (I know firsthand - we're always having decent convos). Yea, he's touring right now. Yes has an album out (and memorable "featuring" artists include Prozak and Twisted Insane). Yes, he retweets people's quirky facts, but I say nip this guy out. Score yourself his tape, you won't be let down.

I must say, the most favourable (for me) tracks on the album are tracks #1 (Intro), #4 (We Underground), #5 (Tear It All Down),  #7 (Go Nowhere), #9 (Transmission Interupt), and #16 (Signal Lost). Maybe it's me playing favouritism because I'm a Commie (communications person). Either way, still nip out the Album.

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