Friday, December 9, 2011

They call this a remix?

I belong to a music service that pushes new singles into the email inbox of your choosing. The site is for people in the music / radio industry, in hopes the track gets played on a local station. Usually, the song is the luck of the draw; meaning, sometimes it's good, sometimes it's so horrendous, you want to know why it's streaming.

I got the latter part a couple days ago.

I checked my main business account to find the "new" Amy Winehouse megamix sitting pretty, waiting to be played. I let it stay on my account, locally, until today, where I was just floored by the crap job someone did to it.

I am not linking to any site that has it up and running because I want readers to find it. It honestly does not deserve to be linked.

I mean no disrespect to anyone; Winehouse, her label and people, the person who mixed the song, but fucking hell. It sounds like the artist (if you want to call it that) wasn't even paying attention to what he (or she) was stringing together. The only thing that was kept consistent was they dropped a beat or two between tracks. This main track, in essence, is being described as the culmination of Winehouse's work - her best singles. Yea, four minutes later, I just want to flush my ears out with TNT and pray an explosion happens. I've mixed better songs together and had it sound more clear and concise than this song even portrays Amy Winehouse to be. I'm not saying I am a top mixer, because I find most of my tracks to be worthy of automatic gutters, but I think I found something to compare to!

Sorry, Ms. Winehouse, but a track linking itself to Lioness: Hidden Treasures does not deserve whatever credibility you have worked so diligently for. Although I'm interested in hearing this posthumous album, the megamix turned me off.