Wednesday, November 30, 2011

They say you want a REVOLUTION

Okay, I'm all for (what used to be) my local MLS team, The New England Revolution, but when someone can't write a good PR copy, no team is immune.

What went out today, especially tweeted via the Revs' Twitter feed was explaining how three veteran members are currently eligible to enter into the MLS re-entry process of getting contracts and a team for 2012 (because the Revs declined the original contract options).

They are (the man with the mustache) Ryan Cochrane, Kheli Dube, and (one of my favourites) Pat Phelan. These men are within the age gap and MLS servitude that allows them the opportunity to either opt out of the current standings and processes and stay with their previously signed clubs, or continue with the Re Entry and perhaps get involved in other places.

As much as I have respect for my team, and although they've gone down hill this year (the firing of the tenured head coach Stevie Nicol, and being in absolute last place in the standings), I will always support them. I've been following the team since conception in the 90s and can remember when I would sit outside on a warm summer night, with a little hand held TV and watch the boys beat the other teams into submission. People make fun of me for watching soccer (football), but at least I'm passionate about something.

That being said, the Revs have also been posting job opportunities. So, since the PR team made a mistake in this article, can I have a job?