Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Immune to your consultations

Okay, so we all know by now, no one is immune from seeing their names in LED/ LCD lights on this blog. Names get changed, titles erased, and I do my best to make it so that the person is protected from harassment.

That being said...

I had to take my laptop to a well known electronic / computer store last week (Staples). My one year and some months old Dell took a total dive bomb into computer heaven (hard drive was the culprit).

Since I originally opened the box for this model, I've had nothing but problems. Maybe it's my incessant need for not wanting to have to update my self to new technology. Maybe it was the fact that I got a lemon computer. Either way, since conception, this specific laptop gave me nothing but hassle. Finally, it bit the dust, and I brought it in to the store to see if it's worth fixing, considering my warranty just expired. Murphy's Law, eh?

Well, I got a new hard drive installed, and was able to get the proper items detailed and put back in the computer. Only problem: when I originally bought the computer, I bought it from someone who was able to help me get a computer I could use - one that would afford me the opportunity to use my Communications degree (I needed enough memory and pull on the thing to be able to record demo reels). I also needed the basic writing software... Notepad doesn't cut it sometimes.

So... getting my "new" computer back the other day with everything installed, I don't have the writing software. The tech at the store stated that when they were able to briefly look at what was flashed on the old hard drive (which was minimal since it pretty much went door dead on them), the OEM was only showing extreme basic items - Notepad and Paint. Everything else were trials. Including the antivirus program that I had never even used. They were really nice, and were able to install all the necessary drivers for me, since I explained how I had purchased my computer and how the only thing I had to show for what was put on the thing was a receipt of purchase. Yes, before you start calling the cops and trying to track me, it is a legit computer. Don't think twice about it being otherwise. Once the drivers were installed, I was pretty much good to go, especially to go home and email the Tech I had dealt with in the beginning. I needed the information from him, in order to install everything else.

After a couple brief correspondences, he has agreed to work with me in going through the proper channels to rectify the situation. Which leads me to the point of this entry. The man I'm working with, has been in the IT world for numerous years. He's well known in his community and can get things done when needed. Only problem is the simple mistake of spelling.

Which I just wrote a long winded back story to bring that up.

When I explained to the guy that I had to buy a new hard drive because the original died, he responded with some questions pertaining to what I had to do to get the computer fixed... including asking me the following screen cap:

"Did you bye a new hard drive?"

I guess the moral of the story is to maybe have spell check handy? Perhaps double check what you question before hitting reply? I don't know. All I know is what I see.

Like I stated in the beginning, I'm not here to embarrass anyone, or start pointing fingers. I include anecdotes and accidental mishaps for the general purpose of un-stating the obvious. It's not to be mean or not to make fun. I just had to laugh at the whole situation with my computer, based on what I had to go through last week in getting a part fixed. I am sure that every one who reads this has had a similar incident and can laugh along with me.