Saturday, November 12, 2011

What form of Websters are you using?

I received an email from a sports site, stating there are several new postings up for jobs. Woohoo! What can I possibly not be qualified for, this time?

I guess my lack of understanding the English language:

This was one of the questions being asked for an administrative assistant job. In order to proceed with the application process, one must fill in the necessary text boxes. When I encountered the question, *Briefly explain your accouting and cash reconciliation experience, I answered it as best I could. And that meant giving them a kind of snarky, smart ass answer. I didn't intend for it to sound that way, however, it's honest. I can not explain my "accouting experience" as there is no definition for such word. They might have meant  "accounting", as it relates to the latter part of the question. However, they really need to review what they are asking for, before they submit it to a national site, especially where they posted the job on two different occasions.

Man, I love being a grammar and spelling Nazi...... not