Thursday, October 13, 2011

Buyers remorse?

Not so much buyers remorse, but a new Shine! / Yahoo! article was published today, saying some parents have name remorse. They regret giving their child some outlandish and outrageous name at birth. Yes, gone are the days when there was a Jamie, Bob, Lee, Harry or Cathy in every class. It became Apple, Brooklyn, Shasta, and any other fruit, city, state, house or food related conceptual word. Some kids these days have a mashup of all items!

Yes, parents are trying to be creative and want to attempt to set the tone or bar with their little nipper, but naming your son Trey Jolie Smith (idk, i made this up) just doesn't match his doctorate degree. Perhaps Maddy Juniper-Rose Jones may become a stripper and not a lawyer like you wanted.

It's a free world and people are allowed to do as they please, but how much must a child suffer in their developmental years, by a constant array of bullying about what you call them? In 18 years, when the child wants to be called David or Joan, then by all means, they're of legal age. But for now, for the sake of their sanity, stop throwing out random names.


watch, I'm going to live to regret these statements and end up naming my kid Space Rocketeer or some shit.