Monday, October 3, 2011

I'm invisible. Give me yer money.

Just for the price of a coffee and a 5 dollar donation, you can help a jobless American back on their feet.

Feck that. Just gimme the damn job with what you are paying for that grande mocha. I don't need a wristband, so donate that fin to me too!

I just read this article on CNN Money about Starbucks stepping up its game in the local communities and to get small businesses to create jobs. I see one problem: when conglomerates (such as Starbucks) are on every street corner, taking away from the Mom & Pops coffee house, how on Earth can they strive and stay open?

Yes, I know all the donations will help the CDFIs dole out the money, but I honestly do not see how the business can maintain a shelf life when people are more apt to go to the other places because they are used to it. Thusly, the plan will fold in on itself because other big name brands will pressure it down to the ground.

Tell me if I'm wrong, please. I urge you to.

I must admit, I love reading the comments on the news articles....