Saturday, December 30, 2006


It's time to join the land of the living.... Get on the blog wagon.

My name is Teh Patch, and welcome to my rambling. I shall be your host for the events we shall encumber together.

Thanks to a buddy of mine (who shall remain nameless), this blog has been started.
The point of this blog is to introduce you, the lovely reader, to one of my most favourite past times: Writing. This blog in particular, is dedicated to the fallen comrades of mine at a little place I call 'radio land'. Should you know anyone that sounds like a character in my stories, I assure you, although these characters are a work of fiction, any similarities, living or dead, are fiction. Having worked in Radio, and I assume some of the readers are loyal patrons of the behind the scenes, I can only imagine what you may think. I assure you, again, that you may have worked with a person described in these stories, but the names are changed to protect the innocent ;).

"PATCHES IS GOD" - 1965 (originated via tenure with a blues group)
"PATCHES IS DEAD" - 1966 (alleged reversed song on then current album)