Saturday, September 14, 2013

Someone didn't have their coffee....

... And if they did, it hasn't kicked in yet. They need to add an energy drink to the mix, because apparently, no one checked the captions under the photos.

Trolling The Enterprise again, I came across an interesting blog post about a local Massachusetts resident. Matthew Salloway was a pivotal behind the scenes person in "Lee Daniel's 'The Butler'". Salloway hails from Braintree, Mass, but works in Hollywood. According to the article, he's starred in a handful of movies before going behind the camera... well... away from the camera, as he was an executive producer on this film.

Daniel's 'Butler' is based on a true story about a (black) White House butler who served under 8 presidencies. It was a good movie, but all I kept saying is "15 more years, X amount of presidents...". Well shot and well acted; the nominated cast deserves the awards if they get it.

However, the writer of the article, only deserves the "I didn't check my spelling" award.

Case in point: The story is fine, but the captions read "Lee Daniels' The Buter". Lee Daniels made another movie, and this one is called 'The Buter'? It would have been completely different if one photo Salloway provided was misnamed, but to have four, that's a shame on you. Considering the main photo says "Butler", why all of a sudden lose the L?

'The Butler's' Braintree connection

Who's to say what went through the person's head when they wrapped up the interview and the story, but as the blog section states, "It's only entertainment"!