Saturday, September 20, 2014

Halloween... apparently fast approaching and it's only the end of September. Most stores have by passed fright night and are putting up Christmas. What happened to Thanksgiving?? What happened to enjoying one day at a time and not rushing through the work week?

However, I got an email about 2 weeks ago from Pinterest, suggesting I should make a Halloween pin board because "people like that". It's kitschy, it's funky, it's the one time of year where you get the shit scared out of you for fun.

While trying to figure out what to pin, what not to pin, what looks cool, I was reminded of years ago when a friend would do a yearly haunted house.
In his yard, he'd have the creepy crawlers like zombies, reaching up from the ground:

or the ones actually coming out of the dirt:

A skeleton would lead the walkway:

and his buddy would fall ill by the stairs:

Once inside the house, the place would be decorated to the nines. No matter how many people were invited, the music would be blasting, the punch spiked, and each floor was decorated to the fullest extent. 

I remember one year, he even had a coffin, with a true human popping in and out every time they let the kids in the basement. It was scary as hell, but funny at the same time. The guy spared no expense... no holds barred type of deal. Every year, he'd try to outdo himself, but it just kept getting better and better. However, it got to the point when all the kids were too grown up and the house was taking a beating. There was only so much he could do, before he risked police action for being too noisy or the kids not enjoying it anymore. 

Some of the new school decorations are pretty cool, but the throwbacks always get the "wow" factor. There's a Freddy ground walker that looks pretty amazing :

Wall clings will never go out of fashion. I actually looked at a bathroom door clinger, and forwarded it to a friend. First response: "AWESOME", second: "#want" - 

A couple more clingers that look like fun:

I really wish I had a pair of trees in the place I'm living. I can't decide which hammock is cooler: 
The skeleton hanging out

or the Grim Reaper

There are just too many cool things for Halloween. It makes me want the "holiday" all year round. Problem is, you have to keep rotating your stock in order to keep people surprised...