Sunday, November 22, 2015

Another recipe (for disaster?)

A few weeks ago, I went into Starbucks and got one of those refreshers drink they sell (both in the coffee shop and as "create / drink at home" in the grocer aisle). It was a combination of "Sweet and Sour" refresher mixes, blended together as a Frappucino instead of being poured as a liquid.

The combination was interesting, as the ingredients were equal parts Very Berry Hibiscus and Cool Lime. Substitute lemonade and blend like a Frappucino. Add some berries to it, and no lime wedge because that's just weird to blend in. The outcome is odd because it looks like it's a new ice drink - all pink and red, with spots of berry seeds. The liquid actually stays somewhat on the bottom because it's too heavy, but you get a tart kick when you first drink it.

Definitely one for the books.

I figured this afternoon, I'd try something similar at home.

What I did, was substitute the lemonade for Ocean Spray 100% Juice - Cranberry Mango, and left out the Cool Lime and the berries. It's tangy, it's tart, it's sweet... it's a lot of things mashed together. Not for the faint of heart - more for the sweet tooth lovers who want that kick of sour.

My first mistake was putting the Hibiscus packet in the blender and then the juice and  (already crushed) ice (my ice maker makes cubes and crushed. The crushed actually makes the drink more airy, I'm thinking), to mix all at once. 

I should have blended the juice and powder first, as the instructions normally call for powder in the cup, a little water to start the mix, then more water once the mix gets dissolved, followed by ice and how much more water you want. 

Either way, I think it would work, as the mistake didn't turn out to be bad; I just had to add more juice to the mix, to get the clumps out of the bottom of the blender. So it's more liquid than ice, and the ice became airy, so it floats to the top (which is what ended up happening with my original drink from the chain).

I think, if I had a Vitamix blender instead a Black and Decker, maybe it would have come out better. I don't know; allegedly Vitamix is the blender every restaurant / bar / food establishment uses. 

I guess all in all, there's always room for improvement and keep trying. Sometimes things just work out!