Friday, March 18, 2016

A city thats built on Rock N Roll...

Long time no post, I know. As my work schedule allows some infrequent times of blog check in, I've got to use my minutes accordingly. Therefore, I've been quite busy working, and none of that time has been able to get online.

In other words, sorry for weeks of delay! I'm back for a few days, ready to make some posts, and first order of business: I found snow last week. No, all hell didn't break loose in southwest Florida. I was actually in the Chicago area for a business trip, and although it was super nice out (daily average was nearing 60 degrees... I felt like I was home in Massachusetts!! Walked around in a polo shirt, sweater, and dress pants. And of course shoes, but no winter coat! Yeeee), I found the last two piles of snow on the ground near the office I was visiting.

And yes, I had to touch dirty Chicago snow.

Double yes on it's how I remember it. I haven't seen or touched snow in what will be five (5) long years! YEEEEEEEEeeeeeee!!! Big. Grin.

Also found: Some pretty cool sunrises and sunsets.

Outside of my "fun" trip to Chi-Town (are they still calling it that?), I've been busy doing errands, as I've had a few days to chill out from the trip.

Today, I went into a local java chain (not Dunks) to get a drink, and I happened to be wearing a David Bowie shirt (it's got the ChangesOneBowie album cover on it). I typically don't like to interact with other people waiting in line for their beverage / food ... or just interact with people in general.. but I guess because His Death is still pretty new, people are bound to comment.

Well... some guy waiting for his (large) hot coffee, happened to see the shirt. The way he was interacting with people, as well as his body language, led me to believe he's got to be some sort of functioning alcoholic, and he happened to be in the coffee shop in that down time from drinking. Gotta get a fix somehow... Anyway, the first comment out of his mouth when he saw my shirt was "Ah.. David Bowie.. Rest In Peace. Good shirt. Good album" and smiled. What am I supposed to say to that besides just nod my head and smile back? Thank goodness my phone rang and his attention turned to flirting with the barista behind the counter. But who knows, as it was a such a throwback to when I was in Dunkin Donuts in Massachusetts, and some guy started hounding me about knowing his tattered version of The Bhagavad Gita book he kept in his back pocket. Only difference between that guy and this guy, is the fact I was wearing my POEM shirt then, and his daughter was an English major or something. This new guy was just trying to pass time.

Otherwise, nothing "new" has been happening lately. Yesterday was "National 'Lets get drunk' Day" (aka St. Pat's Day). I did get to wear green, and I did rock it out. Between my Boston Irish t-shirt, Boston Red Sox fitted hat (white hat, green B, green shamrock on brim, green socks on back of hat.. I can't find it except on an auction site now. I bought it at JetBlue Stadium two years ago... must be out of fashion already), Army green shorts, green socks, and for a splash of color: Grey Nike sneakers. Odd combination, I know, but hey, gotta rock the home team somehow... I just happen to have everything going at once. *Shrugs*

I guess I should probably stop rambling, as company has arrived, and I should say hello...

Until next time;


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