Sunday, August 28, 2016

The stories we tell

I was rummaging through the storage bins in my closet this morning, just looking to see what is still packed away, when I found the thumb drive of all my (previously scanned in) photos from 2004. I know I've talked about them in past posts, but I felt inspired to peruse the drive again.

I have to admit, nothing beats the quality of a 35mm film camera (especially black and white). No matter when the photo was taken, how long it's been since you saw the finish product, or the fact it's been so long you forgot what you were thinking when it was taken. I keep finding those types of prints. Even of my trip to England (in 2009), the trip was a whirl wind event, but the color photos will last a lifetime. If only I had access to a negative scanner, I could get the photos on my computer... Grr...

Now a days, you just can't find a "good" camera anymore. Everything is used because no one has time for film anymore ("ain't no one got time for that shit", says the person snapping away on their camera phone). People are throwing out their old equipment due to upgrading to newer technology. Find me a store still developing film, and I'll put my digital camera (Canon EOS Rebel T3 DSLR) away and bring out my film camera (Canon EOS Rebel G... a camera you can barely find except on auction sites).

I did find a camera still for sale, however. According to Amazon, Holga apparently is still manufacturing a pretty cheap basic camera for under $30. It comes with some colored gels so that you can choose the kind of filter you want to add to the picture, but you do need film and batteries. Again, you need to find someone who will develop said film for you... Unless you've got the capacity to build your own darkroom.

It's a crazy world we're living in; how technology is changing so quickly, that the second you buy something, it depreciates at such a speed, six months from now, you're buying the newer model. Then you've got the "drawer full of junk" or that storage bin full of long ago goodies... what are you supposed to do with them, besides collect dust? They still work perfectly fine; it's that there's no longer a need for it. Society and culture... I swear, sometimes "it was better back then"!


Proof, or it didn't happen:

Last Exit On The Right

Extinguished Fire Extinguisher

No Parking

Funeral Services on Comm Ave