Monday, March 14, 2011

Pray for Japan


I'm not delving into detail, not am I writing a long, drawn out entry. But I ask that if there is anything you can do to pray for Japan, please do so. I am not a religious person myself, so I would like to contribute by simply making this paragraph. If you can give money, do so. If you can send supplies, do so. They are now on their fourth night with out water, food, or power in some places. According to several news sites, 1,000 bodies just washed up on shore (American time, this morning). This earthquake and tsunami won't stop. The devastation is horrible. It's going to get so much worse for them before it gets better. I'm not normally a fan of texting and donating via the Red Cross, but texters: text REDCROSS to 90999. I've family and friends over there, and so far, everyone has managed to survive Tokyo unscaved. So this is an event that has impacted me (not to mention their ace National footy team ☺).

Again, if there is anything you can do besides read this, please do so, and I really thank you for that. So will the people you can help. ...

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