Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hotlinks = STOP

Okay, I am here to ask everyone to please stop posting my blog on other forums and web pages with out my permission. I've been checking the stats again, and I'm now on a forum questioning whether there is a God or not. This was because someone Googled my post about the "After You Die, You Will Meet God" billboard I saw. I don't mind you linking me somewhere, BUT COMMENT ON THE ENTRY HERE FIRST, AS WELL AS ASKING ME IF IT'S ALL RIGHT.

I know I may put up Youtube videos, or include other people's pictures, but I also have been giving credit to them (as wella s saying I found them in Google and you can too). Where I am finding my blog, I've no credit at all. Just someone saying something like "oh, like this:" and a link to a certain entry. No word to me about whether it's okay or not.

So I ask you, kind readers, yet again.... STOP hotlinking to me. Ask me first.

Thank you.