Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Insanity laughs, under pressure we're cracking?

Maybe not so much "insanity" towards the "we", but the world, more like it. People know by now I live in a FONZ, and therefore, my neighbourhood is susceptible to its own weather patterns and climate changes. Fortunately, and perhaps unfortunately, this may work in my favour. When we expect flooding, we get puddles. Thunder storms producing power outtage? Nothing but net (sun). But come a random mile stretch of land tornado, we get it. This is not an entry about that tornado. We got it in '05. This is about the new tornado that hit Springfield.

Last week, parts of western Mass were devastated by 4... count them four seperate funnel touch downs. There is literally no Downtown Springfield. Parts of Worcester are claiming the dead parrot; ceasing to be. People are stranded, looking for help. (go to the Red Cross site to see how you can donate). This is not Tornado Alley of the midwest. This is the famed New England, man! Home of the most talked about rivalries in sport histories! It was crazy because the news stations were saying "this is not a joke" because we, as a state, are so unaccustomed, or not used to, serious destruction like that. Stations broke in and stayed on as long as they could, to keep the public informed. That was if you had power. Or a house.

So let this be a lesson to you: no matter where you live, you gotta be careful with storms.