Monday, June 13, 2011

Macdonald's = #FAIL

(Image courtesy Yahoo article)

Looks like people just LOVE to do more then their fair share of ad mongering. Front page Yahoo! this early afternoon has a new McDonald's campaign. The picture above this paragraph, "circulated widely on the internet. The image shows what looks like an official McDonald's notice in the window of a restaurant, telling customers that blacks will be charged $1.50 extra "as an insurance measure due in part to a recent string of robberies."

Many internet users retweeted the photo, using the words "Seriously McDonald's," [...]" (Yahoo link)

What a joke! Seriously? Someone had some creative balls to do this and circulate it. I do hope they catch the bugger that started it, but wow dude, I give ya credit. But then again, I've just fallen prey into the group sharing this information. I share, because no, I don't care. I just thought it proves how quick things can fly around the web and people believe it. Try Snopes, try other sites. Google can be your friend. Plus, read the bottom of the article for the kicker. It's a laugh riot, I promise...