Friday, June 10, 2011!

I belong to a mailing list, directed for people in the radio industry. It's to get the word out for new (or in some cases, old / reissued) music. There are opportunities to download the new song to have it put in to the daily rotation.

Based on that, I received an email today about a Bowling For Soup song. I am sure people by now have heard about the mis haps of Anthony Weiner (go here for a recap).

Anyway... well, I was about to spam the message until I opened it. I thought it was an advert for Viagra or something:

But I still opened it to find this:

The "click here" video: Anthony Weiner - My Wena

Uhm... this is coming from a reputable media outlet? Poke fun, yes, but that email subject was a tad bit deceiving. I admit, it's creatively ingenius, but I don't know how other people's reactions may be. Considering I've gotten accustomed to random pervy things, this is nothing.

Oh well... always up for a laugh and 'WTF' moment!