Saturday, June 25, 2011

Rocky raccoon checked into his room

Okay, so it's a western-ish type song by the Beatles, but I just saw myself a racoon. Every one pretty much knows I live in a wooded area of the marvelous city of Broke-Vegas. I've seen things from garden snakes to baby bunnies to a mother deer and her fawn. But the raccoons stay out of the light 99 per cent of the time. They don't come to my office window and start scratching the surface, trying to get in.

Swear to hell, a baby raccoon (I'm assuming it was a baby, since it was actually small and most likely didn't know any better) was clawing at my basement window. Both the screen and the window it self were down, so the animal didn't get in. But it was trying its hardest to ply thru the casing. As soon as I turned to see it, it jumped from my window and into the bushes. I saw its backside and tail, as it tried manuevering itself down to the ground and jet off. How do I know it wasn't some cat? Because cats don't claw at a window outside and try to get in. It was grey furred and had the typical black and grey stripe/ ring tail. I must say though, the window is about 2 feet from the ground outside, and has several bushes in front of it, so there is plenty of cover. So definitely a cat would not have the guts to attempt a robbery. Armed or otherwise.

We've been having the occasional skunk parties at night, but this is truly the first time a raccoon has shown itself during the day, and wanted to come inside to meet the missus. I hope this isn't a sign of things to come...

(to give perspective of the window to the ground, I opened the window and stuck my hand out, took these photos on my phone...