Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"Come on, work the room"

Okay, I figured out why I'm not a complete fan of Barry Manilow (or, a "Fanilow"). His new album, 15 Minutes, is out. I give the man credit, he's got a full album of new material and some of the songs have interesting beats. However, the lyrics aren't as capturing. I'm sorry to say that perhaps his writing the songs the whole world sings at the Copacabana - days are over. He had some catchy jingles back in the day. But like I said, I'm not a total fan. The singles were okay - catchy and no more. This new album, the back beat is more catchy than the lyrics. I feel, however, they are canned sounds. Purely based on the fact that I keep thinking I've heard the bass line before (see video below). If this is his rock n roll rap album, please just retire, Barry. Either that, or do some cover albums. Stop writing new music. Rod the Mod has done better for himself, and I'm not sold on him all the way, either!

Youtube some of the songs from the album.

Tracklisting is:
1. 15 Minutes
2. Work The Room
3. Bring On Tomorrow
4. Now It's For Real
5. Wine Song
6. He's A Star
7. Written In Stone
8. Letter From A Fan / So Heavy, So High
9. Everybody's Leavin'
10. Who Needs You?
11. Winner Go Down
12. Slept Through The End Of The World
13. Reflection
14. Trainwreck 3:13
15. 15 Minutes (Reprise)
16. Everything's Gonna Be All Right

Amazon has it here for $11.88. I'm not suggesting you run out and get it at your local or buy it online, unless you like his music or want to take a listen. I admit, it's not my cup of tea, but I am not gonna knock it if you end up buying and enjoying it. I just feel it's not worth the new music Tueday.

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(why does it look like he's reading a teleprompter? His focus is on one place!)