Saturday, July 2, 2011

Hablo Smith and Wesson?

No, this isn't the 1986 movie, Running Scared, but I thought the title was somewhat fitting.

I was in a local store the other day. The Brockton Fair started last night, so, like they do every year, businesses offer discounted coupons to enter the show. In the place that I was, there were stacks of coupons on the counter. I fanned thru them, and noticed they were all the same. All written in Spanish. By the way, I was in an English speaking store. Not that it matters. My point is, I don't speak Spanish, at all. I've no caring to learn, and I don't feel I should have to. I'm not going to hate you because you may be learning it, or you speak it, but I don't want to learn it. Just don't force it on me and expect me to talk to you, the second you come at me in broken English.

Anyway, this is definitely a sign that I need to move, considering the fact that a long time, "city run" fair has now resorted (in a way) to printing tickets solely in Spanish, I feel like I'm being asked not to go win a cheap prize off a Carny. Last time I was at the fair was a good 15 years ago, anyway. The point in the matter is that I have no point. I just find it messed up that in order to read how much money you are saving, or what you need to do, in order to get 5 bucks somehow, you need to not speak English.

After doing some researching I did find, online, mind you, the ticket to print out, in English. The page it was on, stated to print the coupon on to redeem! Why waste ink?

So... I'm wrapping this up by submitting the coupons for the approval of the Midnight Society.


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