Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I know why the cage bird sings...

...actually, I don't. I am not Maya Angelou, and I wish I remembered whether or not I liked that book. All respect goes to that brave woman.

I do know why it was so quiet this morning. Storm's a brewin', here, ma. As I write this, I hope that the power stays on for me to finish this entry. Thunder is rumbling in the background and I know that any moment, rain will hit; causing my street to become quickly flooded and me to possibly run, jump, and skip through puddles to chase after my wind blown trash.

Oh, how I love storms on trash night....

... I just hope the Revs will get to play tonight. It's their friendly match with Manchester United. I love both teams and could not afford the tickets (the cheap Fort tickets tripled in price!!). I shall be watching the game on the TV and pray one team will fall scoreless to the other. I won't be upset over the outcome, as I've stated, I love both teams. All I can say is "GLORY, GLORY REVS UNITED!"