Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I'm "Mr. Wordy"

I recently changed my screen name on a game site I use. It's a presidential name, reflecting the respect I have for the man. No new players knows that the avatar is really me.

So, because this game now has an iPad application, kids have swarmed the chat board and infiltrated the cities. It's nice to know who's playing on a pc and who's playing on iPad. However, every freaking player using this external app has to say "ipad here" or "I'm on an ipad". I've not read the global chats in a while, because the newbs are ruining the fun sometimes. But today, I asked, "just out of curiousity and generally speaking, why is there an incessant need to constantly broadcast ipad use?". Snarky, I know. But it's a genuine question. Some newb piped in, "Okay, Mr Wordy" and I got no answer. If I did, I could not read it - my internet cut out. I would have replied that I'm an English major / person. Ergo, the "wordy" question. The kid was probably in grammar school anyway, so their comeback only signifies their lack of understanding my vernacular. Or, it was a snark comeback to my assholic (haha) query. Either way, it's been brought to you byt P.O.E.M.