Saturday, July 23, 2011

Have you met God at Dunkin Donuts?

This morning, I had to be out and doing something at 7am. Luckily, I am home at 7:30 to write this.

I figured I would go grab breakfast at Dunkin Donuts, near where I had to shop. So, going inside, I start placing my order and some guy walks up behind me. He pokes me on the shoulder and asks if I am an English Major. I was wearing my POEM shirt, so it started the conversation. Oy. This guy must have been a recovering addict, because he was waaaaaay too hyper at 7:10am, and ordering an extra large iced decaf coffee. I've hung around enough addicts in my life, to know what it morning routines look like.

Anyway, he starts talking to me, saying he loves poems and his daughter majored in English. "She writes poetry for the Department of Defence". Hey, he told me in a public space, I can share here. Don't snark. So... she writes all these poems and he told me he "coined" a tongue twister. "A firefighter fights fires. A firefighter fights fires. But does the fire fight the fire fighter?" o_O

He sings the Beatles Let It Be when he's down and stressed; as if the song will cheer him up and provide light (I'll never be able to listen to that song again now). He sings a bar or two, and yes, I'm still waiting for my #3 combo. He then says he's got literature I might like. Out of his back pocket comes this (roughly) 300 page book entitled The Bhagavad Gita: A Walkthrough for Westerners (see here). He wrote on the side of the front cover "American Express" because he calls it his AmEx - he never leaves home with out it. And on the inside cover, he shows me what he's written: God Speaks. He wrote other items as well; I wasn't too interested, especially since I wanted to GTFO already. Thank goodness they called my order number cos I didn't want to stand there another minute. As I left, he made sure God blesses me and that was it.

I guess the question remains: have you met a God and Jesus freak at your local coffee shop at 7 in the morning????


***e2a: I forgot he has asked me if I am a Pisces because Pisces are "great communicators and poets".  I said no I'm not. I didn't tell him what I was because I didn't want a Tarot reading (prior to that, he asked what my speciality was as an English Major - I told him I've a degree in both English and Communication. Ergo the Pisces comment).