Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Shh... the hoodrats are sleeping...

... and the squirrels, and the chipmunks. But not the birds. They're flying solo for now. Good think ol Hitch is dead, or we'd have another movie on our hands!

It really is too quiet in my neighborhood for a Wednesday morning. But it's 2 minutes til 9 as I type this, so I'll give it to the fact that the workers already left for their jobs and the kids are sleeping in, if they are not at camp already. It only begs the question, What next?

Oh, I know!

Have ya heard about the new debate (aka most recent health concerned headlines) that doctors are claiming parents deserve their kids to be taken away from them, if the kid is too fat? The kid can be put in a new kind of care, not so much foster care (however it can be mandatory, if warranted), but a facility where they can grow (and shrink) and learn to eat healthier (example here). It's the new wholesome family fun, to have the child put on a diet plan (what else is new?) under State watch. Big Brother may be watching us adults, but he's recruited Little Brother to watch over the kids.

I'm not advocating for either side, but I feel that if a kid is gonna eat, it's not necessarily tha parents' fault. Kids know how to sneak candy or snacks outside of meal time. Sure, the mother and father aren't watching the ankle biter twenty four seven, and the nipper is lounging in the game room nomming away on sugary substances, but what if the parent has tried to get their kid on the right path? I know plenty of health conscience adults that have an over weight young adult. It's not for lack of trying; it is their metabolism.

For example, a friend of mine in his late 30s, is a stick figure. He can eat a pint of a high brand name ice cream in one sitting (and he will, too, with no question), but not gain even an ounce. In his teen years, he was raised in a Vegetarian / Vegan household (but branched out to "unhealthy" eating in his 20s), yet his mother fed him everything under the sun so that he could gain a pound. Nope. His body says that it will remain thin at any cost. He's got nothing wrong with him - no diseases, no health / risk factors, and yet, he can eat fatty foods with no cost. It's scientifically weird, but I give him credit for at least attempting to try.

It just leaves me laughing and singing the Twiztid song Fat Kidz off The Green Book album.

And yes, I'm a "fat kid". I don't hate.